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Barter Campus Ambassador Program.

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The Barter Campus Ambassador Program is an exclusive community of young, smart, and influential students in leading universities across the world such as Princeton University, University of Cape Town, Ashesi, University of Nairobi, University of Lagos, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, just to name a few.

Why the Barter Campus Ambassador Program?

This program is created to give an opportunity for students to earn money as they refer fellow students to sign up and use Barter for transactions such as sending and receiving money abroad or paying for utilities. This is another passive stream of income Nigerian students should hop on. See the link for more information on the Barter Student Ambassador Program.

Barter Ambassador Affiliate Program

You can win up to $1500 with Barter campus ambassador program just by referring fellow students to Barter.

How to join the Barter Campus Ambassador program

Open a Barter account, after doing that you will see the Barter Ambassador program in one of the sections in the dashboard click on it and register.

How to Refer to Barter as an Ambassador?

When you are onboarded as an Ambassador, you will be automatically provided with a referral link that you may choose to share with your friends and family. Simply share this link, and your reward will be given to you. You can also share your referral link with others who you believe will benefit from using Barter.

How to Check your Progress

You will be provided with a dashboard to monitor everyone you refer to Barter.

Barter Campus Ambassador Toolkit Guide

Ambassadors are provided with a toolkit and a handbook to broaden their knowledge about the campus ambassador program, how it works, how to refer their friends and fellow students, how to earn a reward and the terms and conditions that apply. Ambassadors are also given flyers and some brand materials that can be shared with friends and networks.

Barter Ambassador Program Rewards

How much can you earn as an Ambassador?

As said earlier, you can earn as much as $1500. It all depends on you. You earn a reward for every person that downloads Barter using your referral link and sends money to another country.

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