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    SpaceX Makes Move To Bring Starlink Internet Services to Nigeria: Meets NCC for License

    US-based space exploration company, SpaceX, has been in discussion with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) over its plans to extend its Starlink...

    WhatsApp Attempts Explaining Its Updated Privacy Policy, As Signal And Telegram’s Growth Becomes Threatening

    WhatsApp, on Tuesday, responded to the backlash it has been getting over its new privacy policy. The app,...

    Samsung Is Attempting To Replace Huawei In The 5G Race In Europe

    Mobile telecommunications operators in Europe are beginning to consider Samsung Electronics as the supplier for their fledgling 5G systems, in place of...

    China Turns On Its “Artificial Sun” Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    China has successfully turned on its widely talked about “Artificial Sun” nuclear fusion reactor for the first time, according to AFP.

    Chinese Scientists Claim To Have Built A Computer That Is 100 Trillion Times Faster Than The Fastest Supercomputer

    Chinese scientists claim they have built a quantum computer. The scientists claim that the computer is able to perform computations nearly 100...

    Facebook To Acquire Customer Service Company, Kustomer, For $1 Billion

    Facebook has just completed its latest move to acquire Kustomer Inc. Kustomer, which is a New York-based software company,...

    Autochek; A Nigerian startup secures $3.4m pre-seed funding

    Autochek aims to build digital solutions that will enhance and enable a seamless and safe automotive commerce experience across Africa, starting with Nigeria...

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