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Jambo A Crypto-Based Company Raises $30 million To Build Web3 Wechat

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The decentralisation of the Internet brought about Web3 has opened new frontiers and a paradigm shift from the traditional centralised internet domain to a communist and more integrated technological space.

With the rise in play-to-earn (P2E) games like Alien Worlds, Axie infinity and the Sandbox Infinity, the lot of thousands of people scattered within developing nations of Africa, and Southeast Asia where unemployment is prevalent has greatly improved. Citing the increase in smartphone penetration in these regions, P2E games has become a viable alternative source of income.
The Sandbox, Axie or Alien worlds only requires a smartphone, an internet connection, and a few hours of work to earn.

The success story of crypto-based startup company Jambo in Central African DR Congo is very humbling. James Zhang, 26, and his sister Alice, 30 are founders of this startup company Jambo, which means “hello” in Swahili. The siblings started the company six months ago to bring a blockchain-based version of the internet Web3, to Africa. Beyond gaming, they hope to create a hub for Africa’s entire digital economy.

“We hope to become the super app of Africa, similarly to what WeChat has done in China in the last decade,” says James Zhang, Jambo’s co-founder and CEO.

Jambo has locked over 30,000 signups and is planned for launch in the third quarter of this year. However, it is testing a dozen play-to-earn games including Axie Infinity to meet considerations like local data bandwidth. It is also working on a non-custodial wallet, which will enable users to send and exchange cryptocurrencies as well as earn off their possessions.

Beyond developing the product, the funds raised have helped the company expand its geographical tentacles in Africa. Jambo accounts for offices in 15 countries including Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. It also partners with thousands of internet cafes and college booths to enhance student access to computers and high-speed internet and its ambassadors are offering 10-week courses on Web 3. By the end of this year, the firm hopes to establish a presence in 15 additional cities with over 200,000 active community members.

Jambo is launching the AfricaDAO investment fund to develop cryptocurrency initiatives and its consciousness on the continent.

“We want to empower and invest in startups who share in our vision and mission to positively impact the lives of millions across Africa for decades to come,” Zhang says.


As I come to a close, Web3 is a more profitable version of the Internet with numerous avenues to earn, abilities to own digital properties and some measure of control of what happens within your space. The decentralised space web3 brings to fall, is one that will empower all digital players with equal opportunities and share of the internet unlike we have ever seen.

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