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10 myths about Windows computers you probably think are true

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If you have lived long enough to own a computer, you probably have heard some things about Windows computers that sounds really extreme to be true, as well as other things that sound absolutely ridiculous. Myths and speculations are normal in everyday life. Some were born out of some expensive jokes, while some came out of mere misinformation or misinterpretation of facts. Some, on the other hand, are hands-down spot on!

Speaking about myths, let us talk about some of the myths that have been flying around about computers, specifically, those running on Windows OS. I have carefully selected 10 myths, and put some efforts into debunking those that needs to be debunked.

  1. Windows computers are super vulnerable to viruses.

Are they?
This myth began in the late 90s and early 2000s when Windows experienced loads of security flaws, compared to its eternal competition, MacOS. However, Windows has vastly improved protections over the years. Windows now has advanced antivirus software built-in called Windows Defender. It also spot firewalls, and with regular security updates, you can be sure that you are covered. So it’s no longer true that Windows is a virus magnet.

  1. Windows computers slow down over time.

There might be an iota of truth in this, but it doesn’t go past being just a tiny bit of it, and of course, that used to be more true in the past when older Windows versions didn’t manage disk space well. With Windows 10 and 11, and their ability to optimize hard drive usage better, performance of your computer will not degrade nearly as quickly over time anymore. A lot of Windows users think their computer slows down, but they do not consider the apps they run and the files that occupy their storage. Doing occasional maintenance like removing unneeded files can greatly help with maintaining computer health.

  1. Windows is not intuitive or user-friendly.

While Windows historically had a steep learning curve, major User Interface (UI) overhauls made big strides in usability. The latest versions feature cleaner, more intuitive menus, settings, and multi-touch gestures for touchscreen laptops. Windows still has some complex advanced features, but on the average, it is easy to use for regular computer user, compared to operating systems like Linux.

  1. MacOS never crash while Windows crashes all the time.

The myth is rooted in ’90s Mac vs PC marketing, but it’s simply not true. All operating systems have bugs that can cause them to crash. However, crashes are pretty rare on modern Windows versions, thanks to better testing, and improved memory management. And when crashes eventually happen, Windows restart and recovery have improved greatly.

  1. You have to be careful closing windows or else you’ll delete something.

This myth began because the concept of “closing” application windows was new to some. But Windows has always distinguished between simply closing a window vs fully exiting the application. And it keeps files saved separately. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting anything by closing a window!

  1. Removing USB without first ejecting damages your files

Safely ejecting USB storage media ensures that the transferred and stored data remains intact. However, many people skip this step and just unplugs the USB by impulse, forgetting to safely eject first.

Microsoft took this problem into cognisance and introduced a solution into Windows 10 and 11. The new “Quick Remove” function allows external hardware to be removed at any time without having to first click “Safely remove hardware.” To make it more interesting, the setting is activated by default.

  1. Windows is for work while Macs are for fun and creativity.

Simply put, this is just some marketing gimmick. Back in the day, most businesses used Windows while creative industries preferred Macs. But as Windows matured, the hardware and software evolved to now readily support gaming, graphic design, video production and more. Plus, Office apps work great cross-platform making Windows suitable for almost any use case nowadays.

  1. Windows PCs are clunky and break constantly while Macs just work.

The concept of the unreliable Windows PC vs the seamlessly functional Mac arose in Apple’s famous “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads. However, thanks to advances like solid-state drives, greatly improved hardware reliability from partners like Intel, and a much more refined overall operating system, issues with freezing and crashes are exceedingly rare in modern PCs and laptops running Windows.

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  1. Manually updating Windows is better.

There is one common myth among the peoples that updating windows manually is the best approach because installing updates automatically can break your system and results in bad consequences. Oops! That sounds ridiculous! The myth is not true as automatic updates save much time of users, and keeps your system updated always.

  1. There are no Windows laptops comparable to MacBooks’ build quality.

There was a time when Apple set the bar for premium materials and sturdy, precision construction in their thin-and-sleek MacBook designs. However, many Windows laptop manufacturers like Dell, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo themselves now produce models featuring aluminum chassis and carbon fiber for excellent durability while maintaining sleek and lightweight profiles matching what Apple offers. The component equality argument just doesn’t hold much water anymore between Windows vs Mac options.

And, there you have it: 10 myths about Windows computers.

What’s that myth you have heard? Share with us.

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