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5 Battery Myths – Fact or Fiction?

2 Mins read

Batteries power our daily lives, yet how to properly use and maintain them remains a mystery to many, and these mysteries can cause a whole lot of confusion among phone and laptop users.

Do you religiously close apps to save battery life or let your phone drain to 0% before plugging it in? If so, you may be wasting your time and shortening your battery lifespan. Many accepted truths about battery care and charging are actually myths or outdated advice.

As lithium-ion batteries become ubiquitous in phones, laptops, and other devices, proper battery maintenance has evolved. Habits that extended the life of old nickel-cadmium batteries can actually damage newer technology. Before you drain, charge, or even freeze your device in pursuit of better battery health, get the facts. We’re debunking five common battery myths and sharing tips for keeping lithium-ion batteries in top condition. With science-based guidance, you can optimize your battery’s performance and lifetime.

#1: Fully discharging your battery improves its lifespan

Fiction! This myth applied to older nickel-cadmium batteries, but is unnecessary for modern lithium-ion batteries in phones and laptops. In fact, fully discharging lithium-ion batteries can strain and damage them over time.

The truth: Partially discharging your battery (keeping it between 20-80%) reduces strain and prolongs its lifespan. Occasionally draining to 0% helps calibrate the battery meter, but shouldn’t be a habit.

#2: Charging overnight reduces battery lifespan

Partly fiction. Once your phone hits 100%, charging pauses to prevent overcharging. However, phones trickle charge to offset small drops in charge, generating some heat. While not extremely damaging, this slight strain adds up over time.

The truth: Limiting heat is ideal for battery health. Avoid charging under pillows or on soft surfaces that trap heat. Overnight charging won’t destroy your battery, but moderate daytime charging when possible.

#3: Closing apps saves battery life

Fiction. Force closing apps drains more power than it saves. Apps not in use consume minimal resources. For troublesome apps, adjust settings instead of force closing.

The truth: Your phone’s OS manages app resources efficiently. Let it work its magic and don’t sweat closing apps to save power.

#4: Official chargers are required

Partly fiction. While cheap, poor-quality chargers can damage phones, many affordable third-party chargers meet safety and efficiency standards. With USB-C, official chargers aren’t required.

The truth: Choose reputable third-party chargers compatible with your phone. Check for certifications that indicate proper safety mechanisms are built-in.

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#5: Bluetooth and WiFi drain battery

Fiction. While Bluetooth and WiFi reduce battery life, modern phones sip power in standby. Leaving these features on causes minimal drainage for most users. Yes, putting your device on flight mode can save some power, but the power saved is not as gigantic as you could have thought, perhaps, half an hour from a day’s battery use, at most.

The truth: Disabling Bluetooth and WiFi yields marginal battery gains unless you’re away from a steady network. To save power, reduce screen brightness and timeout duration. A large chunk of battery power usage consumed by the screen, therefore, reducing screen time and brightness will make your battery work easy.

Nowadays, batteries are made with lithium-ion technology, and lithium-ion batteries are less high-maintenance than their predecessors, like the Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries. Still, minimizing heat exposure, partial discharging, and avoiding cheap chargers remains key to prolonging their lifespan. With responsible use, you can keep your phone’s battery in top shape, and last for several years.

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