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Truecaller Brings Back Call Recording Feature for iOS and Android

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Truecaller, the popular caller identification app, has announced the reintroduction of call recording support for its users. The feature, which was previously available only on Android smartphones, was discontinued due to restrictions imposed by Google. However, Truecaller has found a workaround, allowing users on both iOS and Android devices to record calls once again. It’s worth noting that the call recording feature will be exclusively available to Truecaller Premium subscribers. Additionally, users will have access to an AI-powered feature that generates transcripts of their calls.

In a recent blog post, Truecaller revealed that call recording support is now available on iOS in the United States. Once a call is recorded, users can access it within the Truecaller app, providing them with the ability to listen, rename, delete, or share the recorded files. However, it’s important to note that this functionality is limited to Truecaller Premium subscribers.

To overcome the limitations imposed by Apple on call recording apps, Truecaller has implemented a workaround. The app dials a recording line, which the user must merge with an incoming call. Once the call ends, the user will receive a notification indicating that the recording is ready. For incoming calls, users will need to dial the recording line, followed by the contact they wish to record, and then merge the calls.

Although Truecaller’s website does not explicitly mention call recording support for Android, a Forbes report suggests that Android users who have set Truecaller as their default dialer app will be able to seamlessly record calls with the press of a button. Users who prefer using the built-in dialer, such as Google’s Phone app, will see a floating recording button that initiates the recording process. Additionally, Truecaller will provide users with searchable transcripts of their call recordings, a feature that will be gradually rolled out to users in the United States over the coming weeks.

To comply with legal requirements and respect privacy, Truecaller will play a beep during the call to indicate that the conversation is being recorded. This is similar to the call recording experience offered by the native Google Phone app on many Android devices, where a message alerts the other participant when call recording begins and ends.

While the call recording feature is currently available in the United States for both iOS and Android users, Truecaller plans to expand its availability to other regions in the near future. With this reintroduction, Truecaller aims to provide its users with a comprehensive and convenient calling experience, empowering them to record important conversations and access transcripts for easy reference.

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