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Talk to Your Car: Mercedes-Benz Integrates ChatGPT for Personalized Voice Assistance

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Mercedes-Benz is set to embark on an innovative test program that will bring AI-powered conversations to its luxury vehicles. Starting from June 16, US drivers will have the opportunity to use ChatGPT, a popular chatbot developed by OpenAI, in select Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the “MBUX” system. This program aims to enhance the car’s voice-activated assistant and explore the ways in which drivers interact with the technology.

With over 900,000 compatible vehicles, Mercedes-Benz owners will have the option to download ChatGPT via an over-the-air update. Drivers can opt-in to the program either through the Mercedes app or by using voice commands. The test period will last for three months, allowing Mercedes to gather valuable insights on how drivers utilize the AI technology while on the road.

By integrating ChatGPT into their car systems, Mercedes-Benz aims to provide more natural and conversational responses to drivers’ queries. From requesting destination information to seeking advice on what to cook for dinner, drivers can engage in interactive conversations with their vehicles. Previously, Mercedes had enabled voice commands for various functions like activating seat heaters, but the addition of ChatGPT takes this capability to a new level.

This partnership between Mercedes-Benz and OpenAI has significant implications for Microsoft as well. Microsoft, through its cloud services, is facilitating the provision of ChatGPT as a version of the chatbot utilized in Mercedes vehicles. This move puts Microsoft in direct competition with Amazon, which has long been striving to integrate its voice assistant, Alexa, into automobiles.

In a press release, Mercedes-Benz highlighted that drivers will not only be able to initiate commands using the phrase “Hey Mercedes,” but they will also be able to engage in ongoing conversations with their cars. Furthermore, Microsoft shared its vision for future integrations, envisioning plug-ins that would allow drivers to make restaurant reservations, book movie tickets, and perform other tasks while behind the wheel.

The insights gained from this test program will play a crucial role in shaping Mercedes’ plans for expanding the use of AI technology in vehicles across different countries and languages. It’s important to note that voice data collected during these interactions will be stored, anonymized, and analyzed within the Mercedes cloud, ensuring privacy and security for users.

Mercedes-Benz’s endeavor with ChatGPT reflects the broader collaboration between General Motors and Microsoft, as General Motors also explores the potential applications of ChatGPT in its vehicles. As automotive companies continue to leverage AI advancements, the integration of conversational AI in cars paves the way for more intuitive and interactive driving experiences, enhancing convenience and connectivity for drivers on the road.

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ArticleArtificial IntelligenceBig StoryNews

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