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The World Demands AI, and the Market Will Respond, Says OpenAI CEO

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During his world tour, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed that the world is eagerly clamoring for artificial intelligence (AI) and that the market will deliver. Altman made these remarks on Tuesday during the Singapore stop of his tour, addressing business founders, tech executives, and the general public at the Singapore Management University. He highlighted the growing sophistication of language models and the increasing power of computers, indicating that AI has the potential to expand on a grand scale.

Altman emphasized that OpenAI is committed to making AI more affordable. While OpenAI’s AI chatbot, ChatGPT, gained significant attention for its ability to generate human-like responses, the cost of training and running large language models like ChatGPT remains substantial. To address this, Altman stated that OpenAI is focused on driving down the cost of AI to make it more accessible to everyone. The company has already managed to reduce inference costs by 10 times every three months, and Altman pledged to continue making significant cuts in the future.

Last week, Altman traveled to several Asian countries, including India, China, South Korea, and Japan, to engage in conferences and meetings centered around AI. During an industry forum hosted by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, Altman encouraged China to take the lead in AI regulation, acknowledging the country’s abundant talent in the field. In South Korea, he met with President Yoon Suk Yeol and urged the nation to lead in AI chip production. Notably, South Korean companies Samsung and SK Hynix have been at the forefront of semiconductor research and manufacturing.

Altman and other prominent tech leaders recently signed an open letter emphasizing the risks associated with AI. They highlighted that AI poses a potential existential threat comparable to nuclear war, underscoring the need for global cooperation in mitigating these risks.


As the demand for AI continues to grow, Altman’s vision of making AI more accessible and affordable resonates strongly. OpenAI’s commitment to driving down costs and expanding the capabilities of AI models is expected to contribute significantly to the development and adoption of AI technologies worldwide. With continuous breakthroughs in research and collaboration among nations, the potential of AI to shape various industries and improve daily life is becoming increasingly tangible.

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