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Anise Health Raises $1.2M in Pre-Seed Funding

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Founded in 2022 by two female alumni of Harvard Business School, Anise Health is a digital mental health company dedicated to providing culturally-responsive care designed specifically for people of color (POC), with a particular focus on Asian Americans. Unlike traditional mental health models that adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Anise incorporates cultural and intersectional factors into provider training and clinical interventions. Research shows that such tailored approaches are five times more effective. Leveraging the power of machine learning technology, Anise matches clients to providers and integrates various therapeutic modalities, coaching, and self-guided resources into personalized treatment plans. Anise Health has achieved remarkable outcomes since its inception.

The company just recently, announced a successfully raise of $1.2 million in pre-seed funding. The investment round was led by Kicker Ventures, with participation from Gold House Ventures, Allston Venture Fund, and strategic angels. Anise Health, which initially launched in California in 2022, aims to establish the gold standard of mental health care for people of color (POC), with a particular focus on Asian Americans. With the recent funding, the company plans to expand its services to New York and establish partnerships with additional payors, in order to make its treatments more accessible to a wider population.

The past two years have seen a significant increase in the prevalence of depression and anxiety among Asian Americans, surpassing all other racial groups. Astonishingly, 41% of Asian Americans currently experience anxiety or depression, with a staggering 62% lacking access to effective treatment due to the exclusion of cultural factors in care and limited provider expertise. Moreover, evidence-based practices for psychological disorders have predominantly been developed within Western contexts, with Asians representing a mere 0.1% of trial participants.

Anise Health has now launched its services in New York, offering culturally-responsive mental health support to Asian-identifying adults in the region. The company aims to tackle the mental health equity crisis by reimagining the entire care journey. Anise’s unique care model is specifically tailored to address the cultural stressors experienced by Asian Americans. The providers at Anise Health undergo training in cultural sensitivity, ensuring consistently high-quality care that meets the needs of the diverse communities they serve. Anise Health offers a holistic suite of services, including online therapy, coaching, and self-guided resources. Additionally, the company provides group services such as psychoeducational webinars and workshops, which cater to the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and wellness needs of organizations.

Alice Zhang, co-founder of Anise Health, shared some promising insights into the company’s impact, stating,

“We’re observing a 97% completion rate for the first four sessions among our clients, in contrast to the 50% dropout rate after just one session for people of color. Moreover, we’re witnessing statistically significant improvements in symptoms within just one month of treatment. These preliminary results are a testament to the power of culturally-responsive care.”

Residents of New York and California can easily access Anise Health’s services by submitting an intake form on the company’s website. By expanding its reach and offering culturally-responsive care, Anise Health is poised to make a significant impact on mental health outcomes for Asian Americans and other communities of color.To learn more about Anise Health and its mission, please visit website or follow @anisehealth on social media platforms.

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