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Twitter Plans to Limit DMs and Group Chats to Verified Users in Effort to Combat Spam

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Twitter is reportedly working on implementing restrictions on direct messages (DMs) and group chats as part of its ongoing efforts to tackle spam and enhance user experience. The social media platform is considering imposing limits on the number of DMs users can send per day, prompting non-subscribers to Twitter Blue to sign up for the paid subscription service. Additionally, Twitter is exploring the possibility of allowing only verified users, known as Blue users, to send DMs to individuals who don’t follow them, as well as create group chats with non-followers. These measures are expected to significantly reduce DM bot spam and improve the quality of interactions on the platform.

Image credit: Alessandro Paluzzi

Currently, Twitter users have the option to either limit their DMs to people they follow or keep them open to all users. However, this openness has led to an increase in spam and unsolicited messages from automated accounts, known as bots. By restricting the number of DMs non-subscribers can send per day, Twitter aims to discourage bot activity and incentivize users to subscribe to Twitter Blue for uninterrupted messaging capabilities.

Image credit: Alessandro Paluzzi

In a similar vein, Twitter is considering a policy that would restrict the ability to send DMs to non-followers exclusively to verified users. This move would effectively minimize the impact of DM bot spam in one fell swoop. By limiting DMs and group chats to Blue users, who have undergone a verification process, Twitter ensures a higher level of authenticity and credibility in these private conversations.

Elon Musk, recently commented on the forthcoming updates, expressing the necessity of verification in combating the proliferation of AI bots. Musk highlighted the challenges in distinguishing between human users and bots and emphasized that requiring verification would become vital for social networks to survive. Verification serves as a means of increasing the cost for bots to operate effectively, ultimately protecting users from spam and fraudulent accounts.

The introduction of these restrictions aligns with Twitter’s ongoing efforts to enhance user safety and combat malicious activities on the platform. By limiting DMs and group chats to verified users, Twitter aims to create a more secure and trustworthy environment for users to engage in meaningful conversations.

It’s worth noting that these updates are being implemented in conjunction with Twitter Blue, the platform’s paid subscription service. Twitter Blue offers users exclusive features, including early access to new functionalities such as the “Undo Tweet” option and the ability to save and organize tweets into collections. Subscribers also receive a blue checkmark on their accounts, symbolizing authenticity and credibility.

Twitter Blue is currently available in select countries, with localized pricing starting at $8 per month or $84 per year. The subscription service not only grants access to premium features but also supports the ongoing development of the platform and the implementation of robust measures to combat spam and enhance user satisfaction.

As Twitter continues to refine its features and policies, users can anticipate a safer and more controlled messaging experience, thanks to the upcoming restrictions on DMs and group chats. By prioritizing authenticity and verification, Twitter aims to foster a more engaging and trustworthy environment for users to connect and communicate.

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