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TikTok’s new Sleep Reminder feature will nudge users to get some sleep

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TikTok has been on the news for many reasons, ranging from the productiveness and creativity it brings out in its users when they reel out interesting contents. However, one part of TikTok usage that seems to be a sort negative side is the highly addictiveness of the platform. TikTok users have complained about the many hours they have spent on the app, scrolling through endless contents posted on the platform. This is about to become old news.

The short-video platform has started testing a new “Sleep Reminder” feature that nudges its users when they have spent enough time online, and when it is time to get some sleep. This feature is designed to prevent users from spending too much time scrolling, especially at night when they should be getting some sleep.

TikTok is currently working on new ways to support users’ well-being and that this new tool builds on its current digital well-being features,” a TikTok spokesperson said.

According to the Chinese social network, this new feature is currently in the testing phase, with a limited number of users testing it. This new feature will be available in the Screen Time settings under the name “Sleep Reminders,” and will give users a range of options, such as setting bedtime alerts and muting notifications during the hours they will be asleep.

For this feature to work as planned, TikTok users will have to select a time for bed, and as soon as that time approaches, the app will send them a reminder. The app will then automatically mute push notifications for seven hours so that the users’ sleep will not be disturbed by the app’s usually unending notifications.

As at the time of publishing this report, TikTok has not confirmed when it will begin rolling out the feature to its users globally. The company has also not confirmed whether the feature will eventually be rolled out for the general user.

According to one of TikTok’s spokespersons, the company is working in ways to improve the app such that the well-being of its users is not being affected negatively.

In February, 2020, TikTok introduced its screen time management tools, and this has been followed by series of features that give users control over the app. One of the features include a feature that remind users to take a break from using the app after spending 10, 20, and 30 minutes on the app. The timing for this reminder can be set from the default time to a custom time of their choice.

A feature also deactivate push notifications for users between 13 and 15 years from 9pm, and does the same for users of 16 years from 10pm.

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