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Photography Just Got Better With The New GCAM 8.7 For Android Smartphones

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Now in 2023, about 86.41% of the world’s population own a smartphone, which translates to 6.92 Billion people. This is to state that in no distant time, everyone in the world will own a smartphone.

All smartphones perform the primary function of making and receiving voice calls, texts, internet browsing as well as media. The secret of each user’s preference for a phone over another can be attributed to the purpose which is explained by the phone’s functionality and features amongst others.

A user who loves photography will prefer a phone with better camera sophistication than a user who prefers faster internet access. Phone makers knowing this, are releasing new phones or adding improved features to an existing phone model to meet the ever-changing user demands.

The truth is, you can’t have it all in a smartphone no matter how promising or sophisticated the smartphone may be. (Google Camera)GCAM 8.7 for Android smartphones is a breakthrough to improved camera performance for photography.

Google Camera 8.7
Not everyone can afford the latest Pixel smartphone. However, many users would love to have the same camera quality as these phones. Since most of the sophistication comes through improved “software”. With the release of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, a brand new GCam 8.7 is now made available for many Android devices. All thanks to the developers for this new mod.

Worthy to note that the GCam 8.7 is specifically designed for Android 13 and above. The list of Android 13 smartphones is still short; however, the modder can work on Android 11 or above. With this, the list gets even bigger.

Features of GCam 8.7
Some of the appealing features include the New animations while changing from photo mode to video mode,
A new slideable control for zoom.
The GCam 8.7 also brings a new gap of 3 to 6 seconds in the Night Mode. A new Cinematic Video Recording Mode, NightVision. An Auto Macro button and many features which you will find handy as you explore. Pixel 7 features like Magic Eraser, Real Tone, and Cinematic Blur are still not available.

How to Install GCam 8.7
1. Download and Install the APK
2. To install, you may need to allow installation from “Unknown Sources” Don’t worry, the file is safe and verified.
3. Open the Google Camera after installation.
4. The Gcam 8.7 icon will also appear on your Home Screen or App Drawer.
5. You can try CelsoAzevedos’s Repository if you Run an older Android version. It is a go-to place to explore the world of Google Camera mods.

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