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Maruti Suzuki Launches ARENAVerse, A Meterverse Auto Showroom

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The advent of Metaverse technology has given rise to many similar technologies that depend on its architecture to thrive. Tech companies great and small are exploring the potentials of the metaverse to drive innovations that will not only improve lives but ensure deeper social interactions and in the same vein create wealth.

Founded in 1981, Maruti Suzuki a New Delhi-based Indian vehicle manufacturer has announced its second metaverse initiative, ARENAVerse.

Just as we have it in the real world, the ARENAVerse is a virtual vehicle showroom that permits potential buyers to explore vehicles and interact with sellers.

The ARENAVerse is set to provide a novel immersive experience to customers, as well as a better approach to car shopping- making it more faster and seamless.

To experience the ARENAVerse, the automaker has made available Virtual Reality (VR) devices for users at over 700 Maruti Suzuki Arena places across India. This is a good way for customers to discover the ARENAVerse and also be able to engage with Maruti Suzuki automobiles in the digital world.

In ARENAVerse, users also will be able to engage with Maruti Suzuki automobiles via the Arena website for the web version to share in the new digital experience.

“We launched the wheels of Metaverse with NEXAverse, which has been an attractive fulfilment, with over 10,000 Grand Vitara bookings from NEXAverse alone. With ArenaVerse, we’ve taken this digital adventure a step further, bringing the country’s biggest automotive retail community, Arena, into Metaverse and making sure that our clients’ virtual studies are as personalised and dynamic as viable.”

“The Metaverse has a great future ahead which allows real-life businesses to grow without time zones or geographical obstacles. This represents an exceptional opportunity for us at MSIL to reach out to our far-flung customers by integrating our technological innovation with our vast community across India. We are very excited about what the Metaverse has in store for us and how we can navigate it to deliver the best studies to our clients.”- Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing &; Sales and MSIL.

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