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Twitter for Business: Enhance your Twitter Marketing Goals with Twitter Ads

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If you have got a well-profiled business page on Twitter, and have got a firm grasp of how to use Twitter to achieve your social media goals, then it’s time to expand your audience. It’s time to let people (Existing and potential customers) know you’ve arrived. Luckily, Twitter offers a user-friendly way to generate natural audience and follower growth through Twitter Ad campaigns.

Twitter Advertising 101

There are three different Twitter Ad campaigns you can choose from to run, and the one you choose will depend on which of your goals you are aiming to hit:

  1. Awareness

This Ad campaign is designed to maximize your ad’s reach. You pay per 1,000 Tweet impressions.

  1. Consideration

This campaign is focused on getting users to interact with your Tweets and your brand as a whole. You pay per video views, website clicks, followers, or engagements (depending on the goal of your campaign).

  1. Conversion

This campaign is focused on increasing your app engagements. You pay per app click.

One advantage of running Twitter Ad campaigns is that cost is based on how successful the campaign is. If your ad campaign doesn’t really take off as you expected, you don’t have to worry about the price of it. Instead, you can chalk an unsuccessful Twitter ad campaign up to a learning opportunity, take your data and lessons learned, and focus your efforts on nailing the next one. Another advantage is that you can also set a budget for the amount you’re willing to spend on each campaign. For example, if you’re willing to spend 2k per day on an ad campaign, Twitter will show you the potential reach (The number of people that has the potential to see your ads) of your budget. Let’s say you intend to spend 10k for the overall campaign, this means your budget will only last for 5 days after which Twitter will pull down your ads. The higher the budget the higher the reach.

Benefits of Running Twitter Ad Campaigns

  • Due to Twitter’s advanced targeting capabilities, you can narrow your ads to directly target the exact audience you want to reach based on demographic, audience features, location, event targeting, and interests.
  • Twitter Ads are bid on auction-style, meaning you get to decide how much you pay for each billable action instead of paying a flat rate.
  • You set the budget for your campaign and there is no minimum spending requirement. Instead, you set a daily budget for your campaign, and once you reach that limit your ad is pulled to prevent overspending.
  • You have total creative freedom over your Twitter Ads, and you are encouraged to include captions, photos, and videos.

What Makes a Great Twitter Ad?

  1. Attention: A good ad grabs people’s attention in seconds. There are thousands of tweets waiting to grab people’s attention – which one is one of them, the difference is people aren’t looking out for your ads. So your ads must grab the attention of readers within seconds of interacting with them. Grabbing attention cuts across all Ad goals, awareness, consideration, and conversion.
  2. Curiosity: Your ad should breed curiosity especially if your goal is to increase engagement or a visit to your site. Your targeted audience should be curious to know more about your brand. You can also embed visuals like videos and images.
  3. Address pain point: Your ad should address the difficulty your target audience is experiencing and are willing to solve.
  4. Relatable: Your target audience should be able to relate to your ads If your audience is GenZ then don’t use GenX language in your ads. Talk to them in a way and manner they will understand, and endeavor not to compromise your brand tone.
  5. Shows them the benefits: people care less about how you solve their problem all they care about is you solving their problem. So make sure your ad tells them what you’ve to offer. Sure, you’ve so many things to say but remember you only have 240 characters to do just that.

Ps: it’s not a must to include all, but a good ad will include at least 3 of the above points.


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