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Grow Your Business With 1app Business

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“Nothing hurts like knowing you could have had more even when having little feels comfortable”

Over the years, online businesses have seen exponential growth in their patronages and account for a whopping turnover in ROI. One of the free seamless platforms encouraging online business is Whatsapp interactive, which serves as a meeting spot for engagement and closing of deals. With the advent of Whatsapp business which integrates business websites with social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, customer engagement via these platforms has improved amounting to a surge in sales.

However, even in the profitability of most of the online business platforms, we have today. Being able to close has always been a challenging struggle because they have no instant, responsive and timely payment gateways to fill the void. This is where 1app Business comes in.

1app Business My Business
1app Business is an integrated online platform that empowers businesses with a cutting-edge, convenient and seamless platform to receive payments from customers. It combines all payment gateways and methods into one so could have it all in one without integrating gateways separately. This is indeed a time saver and also gives your customers the flexibility to choose any of the methods that they are most comfortable with. These payment methods available to customers include USSD, bank transfers, card payments and the 1app method in case your client has a 1app account as well.

Why 1app Business?
Just like in the statement credited to a LinkedIn Professor – ‘When supply is high, aggregators bring order’
1app promises a host of amazing features and functionalities, that will not only grow your business but will give it legitimacy. Some of the features and functions include:

Online Store: Beyond having a Whatsapp Business store, a sales page on Instagram, Facebook and the likes, you can create a free online store on 1app Business. Simply clicking on the Business Store option on your dashboard, you can create pages for each of your products. Each product will get a unique store link that can be shared with your clients to view your products. This will serve as a free marketing strategy for your services, and in turn, multiply your sales. Sounds cool? Beyond the confines of Whatsapp, you can let it all out.

Legitimacy: The second feature 1app is laying bare to you, is a timely opportunity to improve your business legitimacy, you can call it accountability. 1app platform gives will you a graphical representation of all your incoming and outgoing payments. With this list, You will be able to see all customer transactions at a glance (successful, confirmed, pending and failed). This invariably implies you will be able to keep tabs on all customer engagements and know which customer tried to pay but didn’t finish the process, so you can wield in. Your customers can raise concerns and you can reply to them directly all without the need for emails or phone calls.

Business Team: 1app encourages teamwork, so if you have a team of accountants, developers or marketers, you can bring them on board. Your team members will have access to the dashboard and the 1app features you want them to work with.

Developer Features: 1app is flexible and encourages business development and participation. With the developer option made available, you can doctor the software to meet your business needs. As a business owner who has a website and would want to accept payment on them, by using 1app businesses developer options you can have it done. Once registered on 1app Business you will get an API key that will give you access to 1app’s software and APIs to integrate it as your payment gateway. If you use a WordPress website, you can install the 1app Business WordPress plugin to get started.

Test Environment: 1app Business also provides you with a test environment to enable you to test out payment processes and see how things work. To start accepting payment, you need to switch to live mode and verify account details.

The fulfilment in business is having all customer engagements end in profitable sales and the growth of a business is customer retention and attractions. Using 1app Business, you are not only making your customers find ease doing business with you, you are in turn making business feel good
and enjoyable. 1app is a safe, reliable and accountable method to accept payments with ease without a website. 1app Business is out to solve any problem your business might be facing regarding payment by enabling you to manage your finances, and receive payments on your laptop or mobile phone app. What could beat that?

How Do I Get Started?
To get started, visit to register for free. Please don’t forget to leave feedback for the 1app team at [email protected]

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