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Happy Children’s Day: 6 Tech academies you can enroll your kids to learn coding

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Today is national children’s day in Nigeria, Techpadi felicitates with Nigerian children on the occasion of the 2022 Children’s Day celebration. This is a day that brings children across the country together to promote togetherness and awareness about issues that concern them.

Children’s Day is a day that Techpadi has been celebrating since its inception. We believe that the world would be a better place if children were taught how to use technology in a safe and positive way.

Our milestone in this campaign

  1. Since 2021, Techpadi runs a local campaign visiting schools in Ibadan to enlighten children on how to use tech devices responsibly and pave the way for children that wants to pursue a career in tech.
  2. Techpadi also hosts an annual event where people can learn more about tech trends, what it means, and how to take advantage of them. This year’s event is coming up virtually on 13th June 2022.
  3. Techpadi has also partnered with several organizations to encourage parents to enroll their children in tech classes at an early age. This ensures that children are prepared for the fast-paced world of technology, instead of being left behind by it.

Now, there is no denying the fact that we live in a world that is dominated by technology. The world has left the traditional and manual way of doing things to a more better way, almost everything we do has been automated with technology, and it will do us absolutely no good holding on to the past.

According to research, it was established that;

  • Children under the age of 8 use technology for an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes each day, which is a consistent figure over the past decade.
  • Kids between the ages of 5-8 spend almost 3 hours each day with screen-based technologies.
  • 98% of children live in a home that owns at least one mobile device.

4% of children in 2011 spent the majority of their screen time in front of a mobile device. By 2017, that figure rose to 35%. The figure has probably multiplied by now because of the unrestricted access to phones and technology devices.

Since we can’t deny children access to technology devices our best bet will be to channel their zeal to something more profitable which is learning how to code and its likes.

In today’s post, I will give us 6 online coding academies you can enroll your child.

  1. Kids and tech

At Kids and Tech ICT training centers in Abuja Nigeria, we don’t just teach kids coding, robotics, website design, or basic computer, graphics design, motion graphics, video editing, and game development, but we help them understand technology, the basics, and the future of programming, how to think digitally, how to use coding and programming, technology in general to solve real-life problems. To achieve this, they need to learn from the beginning. So it does not matter the age of your kids, they need to start from the basics and introduction if he/she has not known the fundamentals of technology.

Location: Abuja.

Model: Physical classes in Abuja and online video courses accessible throughout Nigeria.


  • Basic ICT and computer training for kids
  • Coding for kids/introduction to programming
  • Web design
  • Game development
  • Robotics training/coding for robotics
  • Scratch programming training
  • Python programming training
  • Video editing training for kids and teen
  • Graphics design training for kids and teen


  1. Tech bridge

Empower your kids with the skill and joy of building their mobile or web apps, games, and even companies. Learn from the best Tech Tutors and unlock your child’s brilliance at Africa’s number one destination for STEM education. Join a community of 5,000 aspiring innovators.

Location: Lagos

Model: physical classes in Lagos and online classes accessible anywhere.

Age: 6 – 16, 17+

Courses for ages 6 – 16

Courses for age 17+

  • Web development (WordPress)
  • Data science
  • Frontend web development (node Js)
  • Backend web development (node Js and python Django)
  • Python programming
  • Certified Stem instructor programming
  • Full-stack engineering
  • Mobile app development


  1. 9ja code kids

9jacodekids Academy is Nigeria’s leading STEM education institute providing coding and robotics programs for kids aged 4 to 16 years old. Our classes include weekend coding courses, holiday coding camps and STEM workshops

Location: porthacourt

Age: 4 – 16

Model: Downloadable materials. No tutors.


  • Coding 101 age 4 – 6
  • Coding 101 age 6 – 10
  • App development age 9 – 16


  1. Imagine stem academy

At Imagine STEM Academy, our main focus is helping students become global citizens and creators of technology by teaching computer programming principles through coding, games development, animations, and robotics programs.

Age: 4 – 16

Model: weekend online class and paid Downloadable video materials


  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Mobile app development


  1. Aledoy academy

At Aledoy Academy, we help you acquire the requisite skills to position you for a successful career as a software developer within the tech space. With us, you learn not just the technical side of the job, but also the business side of it.

Location: Lagos

Age: Kids and youths

Model: Physical class



  1. Logiscool

The world’s number one coding education platform for learning, Our unique educational platform is developed for easy transition from visual coding to text-based programming languages.

Location: Abuja

Model: Online class and physical class in Abuja only.


  • Digital intro 101
  • Digital discovery 111 – 114
  • Digital discovery 121 – 122

Everything your child needs to know about coding is embedded in the above courses.


Please note that price varies, I purposely exclude pricing because it changes from time to time. Therefore it is your duty to research before enrolling your kids in any of the Tech academies listed above.

Happy children’s Day once again.

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