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Twitter for Business – How to create a befitting Twitter profile for your Business.

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There are 1.3 billion total Twitter accounts out there and 192 million daily active users. Some use it for jokes and memes, others use it as their sole news source or to keep up with the latest trend. However, there is also an often-overlooked corner of the platform: Twitter for business.

In this blog series, I will be talking about using Twitter to set up a Twitter page for your business and how to use it to fulfill your marketing goals.


Twitter Basics (How it works)

Posts. How to post

Twitter works like this: users have 280 characters to write their Tweets with the option to add accompanying photos, videos, GIFs, or voice memos.

Users can also create Twitter threads, where Tweets appear as a chain for longer stories that exceed 280 characters

Tweets. How tweets appear

Tweets appear on the timeline, which is customized to who each user follows and their general interests depending on their platform interactions. Tweets can be set to appear chronologically according to when they were posted or according to their (Twitter) perceived relevance to you.

Engage. How to engage tweets

Interacting with Tweets comes in the form of leaving replies, likes, or retweets (aka reposted on your own profile) and quote retweets.

Creating Your Profile

The first step in mastering the art of Twitter for business is a suspiciously simple one: creating your profile. All of the information you include in your profile depends on your brand identity. Twitter is a more personal and casual extension of your brand, therefore your post and engagements should align with your brand voice and personality. You should also ensure you have a cohesive brand identity across all platforms and outlets and create your profile in a way that stays on brand — while showing off your unique personality and tone.

Steps to create a befitting Twitter profile

  1. Choose a Profile Images that resonate with your brand

Every Twitter account has two main images: the profile picture and header (cover photo).

Your Twitter profile image: should be recognizable to your customers and fans in order to gain their trust, entice them to click the Follow button, and stand out to them as they scroll through your Tweets on their timeline.

Your header image (cover photo): this can be a more creative image that adds a dash of personality to your profile or highlights a featured campaign or promotion.

Infinix and OPPO

Take the profile of these two leading phone brands in Africa for example. Their profile picture is their signature, recognizable logo. Their header photo is one of their products, for Infinix it is one of their newly launched phones while for OPPO it is one of their yet-to-launch phones making use of the space to advertise its preorder. In just two images, Twitter users have all the information they need to identify this brand on the app while getting a sneak peek of the company’s products along the way.

  1. Pick your Twitter Handle and Username

On Twitter, there are two different ways to refer to your brand: your Twitter handle and username. Your handle is what follows the @ sign and is how users tag one another, while your username is the predominant name on your account.

For brands and organizations, it is best to stick with your brand name as both your handle and username if you can. This way, it is as easy and possible for Twitter users to find your account on the platform.

You may also choose to modify your usernames to celebrate festivals, seasons, and holidays. Since your username isn’t permanent or associated with one individual account like your handle, you can update your username for things like Christmas, ember periods, and Halloween, then change it back after. For example — a brand like 1app can become 1APPy independence during the Independence celebration and Peelar can become The Peelar of Christmas during the Christmas festive period.

  1. Write your Twitter Bio (Biography)

The last component to set up your Twitter profile is your bio. Twitter bio gives users the option to include general info, other Twitter handles, hashtags, locations, and links all in their bios.

You’ll be given 160 characters to write anything about your brand; it is recommended to write what your company offers (who you are, and what you stand for) and their benefits.


Twitter for business Pdf by Hubspot

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Twitter for Business - How to create a befitting Twitter profile for your Business.