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Artificial Intelligence

Can AI Write Better than Humans? AI in Writing Series 3

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This particular question is controversial, so many answers with different approaches and perspectives. But mere looking at it does or can AI write better than humans?

The answer is No but I will say for now. Why?

The ability to write creatively depends on our grounded human experience; our writings are based on what we see, hear and pass through, our experiences shape how we write. AI can’t tell stories only humans can – that is why they can’t write novels yet, and humans are able to do that as a result of our relationship with family, friends, environment, and society. It doesn’t matter how well trained an AI is, or how relatable their emotions are, they will always have something that separates them from being human. You know that the emotions and sympathy you get when reading a copy, blog post, email copy, article crafted by a human is quite different from AI-generated copies.

However, if AI does develop excellent storytelling skills will they be able to compete with human writers? 

I will say Yes. AI will be able to compete with human writers to a significant extent when they can tell compelling stories that are original and not simply emulation of human writers.

Nonetheless, as it is (AI) does write better than most human writers you know.

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Takeaway: When it comes to creating content that’s engaging, professional, and well-written, you might not think of artificial intelligence (AI) as your first choice, however, AI can save you hours of needless writing by creating materials for you. Additionally, platforms like will help you draft email campaigns and blog posts with ease.

Making the most of your time can increase your productivity and improve the quality of your content at the same time. in fact, if you are constantly juggling multiple tasks, you might find that programs like can give your content more personality than ever before-and they will do it every time, without fail.

Use AI writing programs to

  • Eliminate writer’s block
  • Rewrite complex sentences
  • write long and short contents
  • Write Compelling and engaging ads
  • Generate ideas for your blog content (Blog ideas, titles, outlines, intros, bullet points to full blog)
  • Write E-commerce copy (product description, product benefits, microcopy)

Nevertheless, AI-generated content is subjected to slight human editing depending on what you want to achieve.

I am sure you’ll never regret using AI programs.


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