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Artificial Intelligence

Wix Introduces AI-Powered Chatbot for App Builder Platform

1 Mins read

WIx another no-code web and mobile app builder has unveiled a new AI-powered chatbot for its mobile App Builder platform. This cloud-based, no-code development company has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its app-building platform, following the recent launch of its AI-driven website development tool. The platform allows users to create branded apps for businesses and deploy them on both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Additionally, users can release updates and new features through the platform.

Automated App Building with AI

In a recent press release, Wix announced that it is streamlining the app-building process with automation. The company, known for enabling users to build apps without needing backend or frontend development expertise, is now enhancing its platform with AI. This update simplifies the selection of app features and design, making the process more intuitive.

The new tool, described as a “conversational AI chat experience,” features a chatbot that interacts with users, asking questions about their app’s requirements. Based on the user’s responses, the AI can create a tailored app.

How the AI-Powered App Builder Works

To start, users inform the AI about their app’s goals and intentions. The AI then confirms the app layout and inquires about desired features. Users don’t need to use technical jargon; simple descriptions of the app’s purpose suffice. The AI processes this information to suggest relevant features. Users can also upload a logo, after which the final app design is generated.

For those who prefer to make specific adjustments, Wix provides editing tools. The platform supports users even after the app is created, assisting with submission to the Google Play Store and the App Store. Once live, the platform facilitates version updates and new feature releases. A dashboard is also available for users to monitor app activities.

Availability and Pricing

The AI-powered App Builder and chatbot are available to Wix’s paid subscribers. According to the company’s website, the subscription starts at $99 per month.

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