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Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Launcher Beta Adds Copilot AI for Enhanced User Experience

1 Mins read
  • Copilot AI features can now be accessed via the Microsoft Launcher app
  • It was released with the launcher beta app version 6.240402.2.1139391
  • Microsoft says Copilot can generate text and images based on prompts

Microsoft has introduced Copilot AI to its Microsoft Launcher app for Android in the latest beta update released on May 27. The launcher app offers Android users an alternative home screen experience with customizable UI, personalized feeds, quick document views, and built-in sticky notes. The integration of Copilot AI enhances the launcher with advanced content creation and quick response capabilities.

Microsoft Launcher Now Features Copilot AI

The Copilot AI integration is available in the Microsoft Launcher app version 6.240402.2.1139391. Currently, it’s in beta, so only users enrolled in the beta program on the Google Play Store can access Copilot AI’s features.

According to the app’s changelog, “We’re thrilled to enhance your Microsoft Launcher experience with the integration of Copilot right into your feed. This update brings your everyday AI companion closer to you.” Key features include:

  • Quick Access: The update allows users to access Copilot with a simple swipe, aiding in content creation and answering search queries.
  • Generation Capabilities: Users can generate images and text through simple textual prompts.
  • Enhanced Performance: Users with the Copilot Pro subscription will experience more responsive and swift interactions.

After updating, swiping right from the home screen will open up Glance, News, and now Copilot. Copilot AI features on Microsoft Launcher can be accessed via the icon on the search bar, replacing the previous Bing search space. There is no noticeable difference between the standalone Copilot app and its integration within the Android launcher.

In our testing of the beta version of the Microsoft Launcher app, Copilot’s features, including text and image generation and search query responses, worked as expected. However, there is no distinguishable difference between using the standalone Copilot app and accessing it through the Android launcher.

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