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Charging your phone with power banks: does it damage your battery?

2 Mins read

Years ago, people could charge their phones, and use them for days on a full charge. Phones, then, were like vampires, they lived so long that people hardly worry about charging them.

I remember using a “torchlight” phone in 2008. It was on the last bar when I traveled to attend a wedding, and it was still on by the time I got back home almost 2 days after.

Nowadays, when we charge our smartphones, hardly do they last until the next day. Many would barely stay on till the end of the day. But, we need those devices for several things, so we have to keep them on.

To keep our phones powered, we either charge through a wall socket, or we use a Portable Charger, also known as Power Bank.

While people fear if charging their phones overnight can damage their battery, there’s also this fear about whether Power banks can damage the battery.

I bet you have heard that too, or you have the fear lurking somewhere.

But, is this fear justified?

Does phone batteries get damaged when we charge them on a power bank?

The short answer is NO; provided you use an original power bank and cable, and you use the device correctly.

It doesn’t matter if the phone is plugged to a wall socket, a computer, or a power bank. What the phone wants is to stay on to serve you. Your phone does not even know the difference between the power sources, it just wants power.

However, before you plug your phone, it is important you check the power rating of your device against the power rating of the power bank so that you would not be putting your phone at risk.

Most smartphones require 5V power input for efficient charging, the good news is: most original power banks also have the capability of giving an output of 5V.

There are power banks (made for laptops) that can provide an output of up to 20V. Some of these power banks can also charge your phone, however, you should read the user manual to confirm this before using it with your phone.

A bad or low quality power bank can surge the voltage, giving more or less Voltage than your phone needs. Although, your phone has enough physics that regulates power input, but you shouldn’t take the risk.

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How do you use the Power Bank without damaging your phone?

Use an original power bank

Make sure you use a power bank of good quality. Although, it is almost impossible to tell an original from a substandard power bank, you should try buying a brand known for quality products.

You should also consult the user manual and power rating before using any electrical devices. Also, make sure you compare the power rating with the power needs of your phone.

Use a high-quality power cable

When the rating part is sorted, ensure you use a high-quality power cable. The power cable is the channel between the power bank and your phone, and a bad cable can cause a bridge, and power surge that could damage your device.

Keep your devices away from fluids and extreme temperature

Use your power bank in prescribed weather conditions. Keep away from heat sources, or open fire. Also, keep them away from low temperature spaces like your refrigerator.

You should also keep your phone and power bank away from water and other liquid, as it could result in internal electrical damages.

Handle your device with care

Dropping your power bank can affect the internal components, and affect power output, which can affect your phone.

In conclusion, what damages the phone battery is not the power bank, but the wrongful usage, and the use of a low quality power bank. If you have a quality power bank and accessories, you’re good to go.

À bientôt.

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