Truecaller Launches Smart SMS to Improve User Experience on its App


Truecaller has announced that it is rolling out a new feature which it calls Smart SMS. The feature is designed to further improve user experience.

According to Truecaller, which is unarguably the world’s most accurate Caller ID and telephone search engine, Smart SMS was introduced based on feedback gotten from users.

The feature is also said to be designed to cater to the evolving needs of its consumers.

In a statement by Truecaller, the company noted that Smart SMS is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning models that adapt based on the feedbacks given to it.

How Smart SMS works

Truecaller’s Smart SMS feature works by helping users stay protected from spam and fraud. The feature displays only the essential information within an SMS in the notification drawer.

Also, all SMS messages are categorised and easily accessible. Using the machine learning feature, Smart SMS keeps track of users’ delicate data, saving users time and efforts.

Speaking on the newly introduced feature, the Director of Business Development and Partnerships Africa at Truecaller, Zakaria Abdulkadir Hersi, said:

Roughly 80% of SMSes one receives daily are from businesses, disengaging users from important/useful messages. To combat that, SMS apps need to become smarter by filtering out spam and categorising useful information. At Truecaller, we constantly strive to offer the best user experience by adding unique features that fit in with our core mission: to make communication safer and more efficient for everyone. Truecaller has evolved into a powerful communication hub and for the people who wish to use the app to its fullest, we want to streamline the experience as much as possible for an efficient calling and messaging experience for our end user.”

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Truecaller uses the same powerful algorithms used to identify spam callers in SMS.

Smart SMS’ intelligence is built into the app, making it self-sufficient, and giving it the ability to work offline – nothing leaves your device, including all OTPs, bank SMSes and financial information.

The feature also offers a Smart Inbox that identifies unknown SMS sender numbers.

Smart SMS feature would be available to users that update their Truecaller app for both Android and iOS versions.

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