Opera Launches Hype – Its African Inspired Chat Services, in Kenya


Norwegian-owned internet company, Opera, has announced that it is launching a new chat service which it calls Hype. Hype is built into the company’s mobile web browser, Opera Mini.

Opera, with the integration of Hype in its mobile browser, is rethinking the concept of browsers by providing its users with an engaging browsing experience that includes chatting and content sharing.

Commenting on the introduction of Hype to the public, Charles Hamel, Product Lead for Hype, said that:

Chat services and browsers are apps people use every day and feel very personal about. With the integration of Hype in Opera Mini, we are not only rethinking what a chat service should be like in 2021, but also changing the very definition of what a mobile browser should be.”

Opera added that Hype would be launched first in Kenya, as a pilot market, before its services are extended to other parts of the continent.

After the launch of Hype in Kenya today, the internet company noted that users would be able to set up their Hype account, and start chatting. The company added that conversations on Hype is protected with end-to-end encryption technology.

The company noted that the launch of Hype is a facet of Opera’s emphasis on growing its digital ecosystem in Africa, with the goal of bringing more people online.

Hype was developed first and foremost with African consumers in mind. Today, 40% of the Kenyan population have access to smartphones, with younger generations dominating as 75% of their 47 million inhabitants are under 30 years old,” Hamel said.

Speaking further, Hamel added that:

With such early adopter demographics at play, there is massive potential for the growth of Hype in Kenya. On top of that, we are also partnering with the leading telecommunication carriers in the country, offering daily free browsing to all Opera Mini users. We believe the combination of these factors will lead to the rapid adoption of Hype in the country.”

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Opera pitches Hype as the first African inspired chat service built into a mobile browser. Hype product lead, Hamel, confirms that Hype would offers its users a series of stickers created by Kenyan artists.

We are extremely happy to celebrate African culture with Hype and we are very excited with the end result and the collaboration we had with Brian and Lulu. These unique stickers with original designs are something we are very proud of at Opera as we become the first major browser to integrate real African art and pop culture into our products.”

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