How To Design Your Website For Free


About 10 – 15 years before now, if you want to own a website, you would need to have a ton of money, and look for some tech guy with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code-writing superpower. Not just that, you would need the person to have good tastes, and refined artistry, and still, a lot of the time, you might end up not satisfied, not with the capability of the site, but probably, with the look – maybe a colour is too deep, or faded, or something. You know the drill.

Nowadays, with the advent of web applications, and internet tools, you can spend the same amount of time you spend checking Instagram while using the johns, to design a website of your choice. This is even simpler that I make it sound.

In recent times, it has been established that information, or lack of it, is enough to show the difference between two individuals. Although, having information is not enough, actually using the information to better yourself and immediate environment, is what really matters.

Before I digress, let me take you through how you can create your own website, while listening to Wizkid’s Joro on full blast.

As I mentioned earlier, there are web applications that allow you to design your own websites from the comfort of your home. All you would need to have before you launch your website, is your domain name. You can get your domain name from your favourite domain vendors. After you have gotten your domain name, use any of the free web design platforms available to design your site.

Here are my preferred web design platforms:








The platforms listed above offer similar services, as you could design your website with any of them.

How do you design on those sites?

Web design is as simple as chewing French fries, and drinking yoghurt. Follow the laid out steps, and you would be done designing your site before your YouTube video is done uploading.

1. Sign up to the platform of your choice.

2. Select one of the templates available to you.

3. Customize the template you choose.

4. Publish your website.

5. Start driving traffic to your site.

Like I said, pretty simple steps.

As an addendum, some of these sites would have templates that are not free. In that case, you might have to pay to use those templates. However, you still have access to templates you could use for free.

Good luck.

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