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What You Need To Know About The New iOS 14

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On Monday, Apple announced that the iOS 14 would be launched in September. Apple – the company with one of the largest shares in smartphone market has on Monday released some of the features expected to be shipped with the new iOS 14 when it is finally released into the market.

Apple announced a couple of features that would be added to make the usage of its new device smooth and seamless. Here are some of the features to expect come September.


Source: Apple

In iOS 14, user would finally be able to use a redefined set of widgets on their home screen, adding richness, and aesthetics to the display. Users would have the choice of choosing widgets that suits their needs, customize the size and appearance, etc. The widgets could be placed anywhere on the home screen.

Widgets that would be available would range from Weather, Podcast, Maps, Music, Calendar, Stock, Siri suggestions, Shortcuts, etc.

App Library

A new space at the end of the home screen pages would be dedicated to the App Library. This space would sort and organize all applications into an easily navigated view. There would also be app suggestions based on search pattern, usage time, activity, and location.

Compact UI

Receiving phone calls would not disturb whatever you were doing on the device, because calls would appear as a banner, instead of taking over the full screen. You can swipe away the banner by swiping up or swipe down to access the answer feature. With a developer API, third party VoIP calls can also use the compact call feature. Also, FaceTime call would come in using the banner feature for calls, and can be accessed using the same procedure for conventional calls.


Source: Apple

Siri has also been made compact such that the search results are received like a notification. Siri pops up from the button of the screen, after you start a request. Siri would be able to send audio messages, get web answered, cycling directions, and share ETA. Siri would get additional language support for 65 language pairs, and now has over 20 times more facts than before.


Source: Apple

Videos can now be watched, or FaceTime taken while other apps are in use. You continue to use other apps while you take FaceTime calls, or play a video. The frame for this feature can be resized to fit your specifications, and can be moved around the screen.


As you wish, you could choose to pin your favourite conversations to the top of your conversation list. You can have up to nine pinned conversations, and they sync across platforms in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.


Source: Apple

You can be more creative with customization of Memoji as you would get additional features like 7 new hairstyles, 16 new headwear styles, 3 new Memoji stickers, 6 new age options, and a revamped facial and muscle structures; plus face coverings to match your look.


Source: Apple

Maps would include features that route cyclists along bike lanes. It could also show the elevation of your ride, how busy a street is, and voice guidance with Rich experience on Apple Watch. You would also receive recommendation on places to visit.


Conversation would be made easy with the use of the new features on the iOS 14. You would be getting Conversation mode, Voice and Text translation; Attention mode that translates text in landscape mode for easier readability; on-device mode, and dictionary. Translation would support a combination of the following languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Arabic.


After adding a new accessory, the Home app would suggest ways to run this new addition. You can get visual status of the accessories that need attention; you can control the adaptive lighting or smart light bulb through the Home app. Facial recognition can tag people you have identified in the photo app.


The browser would give web page translation, website privacy report, password monitoring, and a blazing fast performance.

Car key

Digital Key
Source: Apple

You would be able to unlock and start your car. You can also save car key, and send as message to your friend and family. As easy as it is to share car keys, you can also retrieve access to the key. This feature makes it easy to lend your car out with comfort.


A section of the app store makes you preview the privacy practice of an app before you download it. Developers would now be required to get your consent before they can track  you. You can control how your location is shared, and photo library has limited access to your information. An indicator has been placed to display when an app is using the mic or camera.


On-device AI recognizes key elements on the screen, and adds voice support for app and web experience.


Photos can now be shot up to 90% faster with the improved shot-to-shot performance. QuickTake videos can now be captured in photo mode on iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. Night mode experience has been improved, and exposure can now be controlled during an entire photo session.

And so much more!

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