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ZeroMark: The start-up turning soldiers into sharpshooters

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As military technology continues to grow exponentially, drones are increasingly becoming a major threat to troops on the ground. These drones are continually turning out to be some of the most difficult targets to hit. To solve this problem, a young tech company is putting in the works to revolutionize soldier marksmanship.

ZeroMark has developed an innovative “fire control system” that transforms simple infantry rifles into highly accurate anti-drone weapons.

The system utilizes advanced sensors like lidar to track an airborne drone’s movement, instantly calculating intricate ballistic adjustments. A motorized stock then subtly pivots the weapon into perfect alignment — allowing even a novice shooter to neutralize the target with sniper-like precision from over 200 yards away.

It’s like giving every soldier an aimbot from a video game,” explains ZeroMark CEO Joel Anderson, a former Navy servicemember. “Just get the drone vaguely in your sights, and our system handles the rest, compensating for human error, crosswinds, you name it.”

While the concept of an AI-guided “gun that never misses” may sound controversial, Anderson emphasizes the technology is solely intended to defend against hostile drones — not people. Robust controls are in place to restrict unauthorized use.

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Already field-tested by private security firms battling pirate drone threats, ZeroMark has attracted major investment from Silicon Valley funds like Andreessen Horowitz. A recent $7 million seed round will accelerate R&D and headcount as the startup pursues lucrative military contracts.

Looking ahead, Anderson envisions expanding beyond anti-drone capabilities to encompass broader “soldier systems” and data visualization — empowering dismounted troops with the same cutting-edge technologies currently reserved for billion-dollar fighter jets.

Large weapons don’t win wars, people do,” Anderson states. “We want our infantry to be just as unstoppable on the ground as an F-22 is in the skies.”

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