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Truecaller Unveils AI Call Scanner to Combat AI Voice Scams

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Truecaller is launching a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI) designed to help users detect AI scam calls. The caller ID platform has introduced the AI Call Scanner, which can determine whether the voice on the call is human or AI-generated. This feature addresses the growing problem of AI voice scams, where fraudsters use AI to mimic familiar voices to deceive people. Initially, this feature will be rolled out in the US.

Truecaller Introduces AI Call Scanner

The Truecaller AI Call Scanner can analyze the caller’s voice in real time and provide results within seconds. To detect AI-generated voices, the AI Call Scanner records a few seconds of the caller’s voice and processes it using Truecaller’s proprietary AI model.

Truecaller states that its AI model is trained to recognize the unique characteristics of human speech and differentiate it from AI-generated voices. Despite the quick processing time, the feature maintains high accuracy.

This new feature will be available to Truecaller Premium users with the latest version of the app (version 14.6) on Android. While it is first launching in the US, Truecaller plans to introduce the feature in India and other major markets in the coming months.

The company highlighted that scammers increasingly use AI to mimic human voices, often taking samples from social media videos to train their AI models. These AI-generated voices are then used to call victims, impersonating their relatives to extort money. Truecaller notes that these scams were first observed in 2019 and have significantly increased since then.

How to Use Truecaller’s AI Call Scanner

  1. Set Truecaller as Your Default Calling App: Ensure Truecaller is set as your primary calling app on your device.
  2. Start AI Detection: When you receive a suspicious call, tap on “Start AI Detection.”
  3. Brief Hold: The call will briefly go on hold as the AI records the caller’s voice.
  4. Analysis: Wait for the “Analysing…” message indicating that the AI model is checking the caller’s voice.
  5. Notification: Check the on-screen notification to see if the call is from an AI-generated voice.

By leveraging AI technology, Truecaller’s AI Call Scanner aims to protect users from sophisticated voice scams, providing an added layer of security against fraudulent calls.

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