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Google Map Makes It Easier to Find EV Charging Stations, Make finding Sustainable Travel Options a breeze

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As the world is getting ready to fully embrace Eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living – to save the planet, Google seems to be making giant strides in the transportation sector. Though not a manufacturer of any of the “physical” means of transportation, the tech giant, however, is redefining the way we move. Google on Wednesday, Through a blog post, unveiled a suite of updates designed to make sustainable travel easier than ever. The latest update is tailored for electric vehicles and lets travelers find specific information about the location of EV chargers, plan charging stops for road trips, and more.

Here’s what the New Update is bringing to EV drivers

Find Your Charging Station

Planning a road trip with your electric car? Google Maps is now your one-stop shop for a smooth journey.

  • Smarter Charger Spotting: Google Maps will show AI-powered summaries that will provide detailed descriptions of EV charger’s specific location based on information from user reviews. No more circling confusing parking lots to find that elusive plug!
  • In-Car Charge Companion: Never get caught with a low battery on the go. Google Maps will display nearby charging stations directly on your car’s compatible in-car navigation system. This includes real-time updates on port availability and charging speeds, ensuring a stress-free recharge.
  • Planned Pit Stops: Going on a multi-stop trip? Google Maps will factor in your battery level and suggest optimal charging stops along the way.

This feature will be rolled out globally in the coming months, starting with vehicles that have Google built-in.

Further, with a new EV filter, Google is making it easier to find hotels on Search that offer onsite EV charging.

Here’s what the New Update is bringing to everyone who cares and worries about climate change and would love to reverse the adverse effects.

Helping You Choose a Greener Route

Whether you’re a seasoned eco-warrior or just starting your sustainability journey, Google Maps is here to empower informed travel choices.

  • Sustainable Options at Your Fingertips: Alongside driving directions, Google Maps will now display public transit and walking route alternatives, giving you a clearer picture of your carbon footprint. This will be available in the coming weeks in over fifteen cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Montreal, Paris, Rome, and Sydney.
  • Long-Distance Eco-Travel: Thinking of ditching the plane for a train or bus? Google Maps will now include information on long-distance train and bus routes/schedules on the Maps with ticket prices along with links to book trips, opening up eco-friendly travel options for longer journeys. This feature is now available for trains in 38 countries and long-distance bus routes in 15 countries.
  • Fly Green (or Not!): For those times when flying is unavoidable, Google Maps will now display estimated flight emissions, allowing you to make a more informed decision when booking your next trip.

A Small Step for You, A Giant Leap for the Planet

These updates from Google Maps are a positive step towards a more sustainable future. By making it easier to find EV charging stations, explore alternative travel options, and understand the environmental impact of your journeys, Google Maps empowers users to travel smarter and greener. So, buckle up, choose your eco-friendly adventure, and let Google Maps be your guide to a greener tomorrow!

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