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Top 10 Tech Skills In High Demand In 2024 – Cousera

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In our technological driven world, it will be an injustice to self if you relapse in upskilling to meet the ever changing market demands.

2024 is no long next year but happening right before us, days have gone bye and hours are slipping off your fingers already. Don’t you think it’s high time you got up to the new norm?

Coursera, the online skills training platform, has outlined the top 10 tech skills anticipated to be in high demand in 2024, as detailed in its Job Skills of 2024 report. The highlighted skills include System Security, focusing on securing organizational networks and resources, proficiency in the Linux operating system, and Systems Design, encompassing the definition of architecture, product design, and interfaces to meet specified requirements.

In response to a dynamically evolving job market, Coursera emphasizes the increasing demand for developer skills, citing React (a web programming framework), software architecture, and Django (another web framework) as three of the fastest-growing tech skills. This surge is particularly notable among government-affiliated learners, aligning with global job growth projections, such as the anticipation of over 400,000 new developer jobs in the United States by 2031.

The report indicates that developer skill requirements are transforming, influenced by AI-augmented tools like Github Copilot, enhancing coding speed. The heightened need for developer skills is attributed to investments in improving end-user experiences on government websites, advancing e-servicing platforms, and undergoing digital transformation in crucial public services.

The 10 identified skills are:

1. System Security
2. Linux proficiency
3. Systems Design
4. React (Web Framework)
5. Software Architecture
6. Computer Security Incident Management
7. Django (Web Framework)
8. Cyberattacks defense/ Cybersecurity
9. Security Software expertise
10. Security Strategy development

The CEO of Coursera, Jeff Maggioncalda, explains that the report draws insights from five million enterprise learners associated with 3,000 businesses, 3,600 higher education institutions, and governments across 100 countries. The data from these learners, accessing Coursera for employment readiness and upskilling, allows the identification of significant skill trends, including the fastest-growing skills in business, technology, data science, AI, cybersecurity, and leadership.

Maggioncalda underscores the importance of equipping individuals with the right skills in a world reshaped by technology, AI, and globalization. Concerns about the preparedness of recent graduates for the workforce are amplified by the rapid advancements in AI and its profound impact on how people live, learn, and work. Coursera aims to address these concerns by providing valuable insights and resources to promote career success and competitiveness.

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