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New shoping Features coming to Google chrome: Google Search Gets Dedicated Deals Page

3 Mins read
  • Chrome will now allow for easier price tracking of products
  • The deals page can be accessed by searching ‘shop deals’ on Google

In preparation for the festive holiday season, Google is rolling out a set of new shopping features and tools, aiming to help consumers find the best deals on a wide array of products. With a focus on enhancing the shopping experience, Google’s latest offerings empower buyers to save products, track prices, and gain valuable price insights directly through Google Chrome and Google Search. Additionally, a dedicated shopping destination on Google Search will provide a centralized hub for users to discover the best deals available across the web.

These new tools come at a time when shoppers are increasingly seeking ways to make informed purchasing decisions and secure the best prices. Google’s comprehensive data on products and prices will offer a wealth of information to assist consumers.

Dedicated Deals Page for Shopaholics

In its blog post, Google announced the new shopping tools including the introduction of a dedicated deals page, an enticing feature designed to curate an extensive selection of products and offers from thousands of brands and retailers, all conveniently located in one place. This special deals portal, hosted on Google Search, will showcase discounted items across various categories, spanning fashion, electronics, toys, beauty, and more. It’s set to be a shopper’s paradise, encompassing deals from a diverse array of merchants, from large retail chains to direct-to-consumer brands, luxury multi-brand retailers, designer labels, and local boutiques.

The deals destination on Search shows products from across the Web

The deals destination on Search shows products from across the Web                                                                         Image Credit: Google

Seamless Navigation and Personalization

To streamline the shopping experience, Google is enabling users to browse deals by category, facilitating the discovery of products of interest with ease. Moreover, the platform is introducing a personal touch, displaying products that users frequently seek while logged in to their Google accounts.

Navigating to the dedicated deals page is straightforward. A simple search on Google for “shop deals” will lead users to this treasure trove of discounts. Alternatively, specific product categories can be accessed directly by typing in corresponding keywords, such as “shop apparel deals.”

Chrome’s Shopping Integration

Google is also bringing these exciting shopping features to its popular web browser, Chrome. Users can now view products they’ve recently browsed on shopping websites by visiting the “Resume browsing” card, conveniently accessible in a new Chrome tab on desktop.

While shopping online, Chrome users can further enhance their savings by clicking on the new Discount tag icon located in the Chrome address bar. This action reveals a list of available coupon codes offered by the respective site, an excellent way to maximize discounts.

Insightful Price Analysis

In a bid to empower shoppers with vital information, Google is extending its “price insights” features, already available on Search, to Chrome on desktop. Users will notice a new “Shopping insights” label for supported shopping websites, situated in the Chrome address bar. A simple click on this label opens a Chrome side panel, where users can access the typical price range of the selected product and view a price history graph covering up to the last 90 days.

Users will now see a “Shopping insights” label in the Chrome address bar
Image Credit: Google

Setting Price Drop Alerts

Google is making it easier for shoppers to keep tabs on price drops with the introduction of convenient alert settings. Users can now activate notifications for price reductions on both Google Search and Chrome. While searching for products from Chrome on mobile devices, a simple click on the bell icon next to the product’s name sets up email and push notifications. These alerts will be triggered if the product’s price drops across various online retailers.

With these new tools and features, Google is poised to empower consumers with valuable insights, convenient navigation, and an extensive range of discounts, ensuring that shoppers make the most of the upcoming holiday season. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or looking to snag a deal on a personal treat, Google’s enhanced shopping experience will be a valuable companion during your online shopping adventures.

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