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Google Messages upgrades with custom bubbles and AI to Mark 1 billion RCS users

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  • Google Messages now has over 1 billion monthly active users. To mark the milestone, Google unveiled AI-powered features like Photomoji, plus custom chat bubbles, audio messaging upgrades, and more.

Google’s default Android messaging application, Google Messages, has records over 1 billion monthly active users using Rich Communication Services (RCS).

To celebrate the achievement and advance messaging capabilities, Google introduced creative new features leveraging AI alongside deeper customization and personalization for chats.

Part of the updates include the ability to tailor chat bubble colors and background themes for individual conversations, this is billed to help prevent sending message to unintended recipients.

The company also unveiled Photomoji, which taps on-device AI to transform photos into shareable stickers. With this, users can easily select subjects to convert. Friends can reuse these AI-powered reactions, with all creations saved in a dedicated tab.

Further updates to the app include animated effects for certain emojis, upgraded voice messaging with audio quality improvements, and visual audio “moods” for conveying tone.

Screen effects that trigger immersive displays based on trigger phrases also arrived alongside official support for Message profiles that identify users via name and photo.

The flurry of updates aims to bring more expressiveness and personal flair to Google’s increasingly popular RCS messaging platform.

Google noted that over 1 billion monthly active users now have RCS enabled for enhanced messaging over traditional SMS. The advanced protocol offers capabilities like read receipts, typing indicators, improved group chats, and higher-quality media sharing.

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With RCS gaining global adoption, Google seeks to outpace rival chat apps with the introduction features, especially AI-powered Photomoji.

With Messages by Google surpassing 1 billion RCS users, the application solidifies its status as the world’s leading messaging platform by scale. The latest upgrades bring more flair and control to everyday messaging with further AI integration seemingly destined to emerge.

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