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Best countries for Nigerian Tech professionals to work in

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  • Many Nigerians are looking to japa to greener pastures, with the aim of building a career and making the much needed fortune for themselves. This article discussed 11 countries Nigerian tech professionals can relocate to and build a career in.

Japa – a Nigerian term for relocation and migration – has become one word that is on the lips and hearts of many Nigerian. The reason behind such quest for overseas travel is not limited to the state of the nation, and the need to experience better life out of the shores of the country.

Nigerians, and by extension, people of some other African countries, are keenly plying different routes to “greener pastures” outside of their country; and with the way technology is reshaping how business is conducted worldwide, career opportunities abound across borders for qualified IT professionals.

For Nigerians seeking to advance their tech careers globally, many promising destinations provide abundant jobs, high salaries, and good quality of life. While immigration requirements must be met, those who obtain work authorizations can access thriving international tech scenes. Here are 11 top options for Tech talent looking to relocate.

United States

The United States is arguably the world’s foremost tech hub. Silicon Valley and innovation centers like New York City and Austin are home to tech giants constantly recruiting top talent from abroad. According to, software developers earn average salaries of $110,140 in the US, with senior developers making up to $152,373. The cost of living is relatively high, especially in tech hotspots like the San Francisco Bay Area. But abundant job options make it attractive. H-1B visas grant temporary skilled worker status. Prestigious universities including MIT, Stanford and Caltech supply skilled gradutes.


Canada actively recruits immigrant professionals through programs like the Global Talent Stream to fill IT skills gaps. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Waterloo host thriving tech startups and offices of major companies like Shopify, Microsoft and IBM. According to Indeed, the average software developer salary in Canada is $76,497 CAD. Cost of living is lower than the US. Top universities like the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia are hubs for tech innovation. Permanent residency options exist for skilled foreign workers.

Beyond career growth, immerse yourself in the mosaic of cultures, savoring diverse cuisines and participating in festivals that celebrate the beauty of a multicultural cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

United Kingdom

The UK is a leading destination for tech talent. London offers well-paid fintech, software and data science jobs, with average salaries around £47,000 according to Glassdoor. The cost of living leans higher in London. Cambridge, Oxford and other universities power tech innovation and startups. Post-Brexit immigration routes exist for skilled IT professionals, including the Skilled Worker Visa. The UK tech sector employs over 3 million people, showing strong demand. The country also hosts historical landmarks, where you can attend theatre productions, and savor the eclectic culinary scene


Switzerland attracts qualified IT experts, especially in fields like cybersecurity, cryptography and finance technology. Swiss salaries average CHF 107,000 according to Expatistan, among Europe’s highest, but living costs are steep. Immigration typically requires employer sponsorship or university study. The country prides itself on stability, efficiency and high standard of living. Abundant recreation options exist alongside cultural city life.


Germany seeks software developers, engineers and IT innovators to power growth in manufacturing, automotive and other key sectors. According to Make It In Germany, IT specialists earn average salaries exceeding €60,000, supplemented by generous vacation allowances. Cost of living is affordable outside Munich and Frankfurt. Renowned tech universities like TU Munich supply graduates. English is widely spoken in tech and startup circles like Berlin’s Silicon Allee.

Germany is also known for automotive excellence, and is a cultural treasure trove. You might want to attend Oktoberfest celebrations, explore historical castles, and savor the diverse beer culture.


Australia’s average IT salary is about AU$100,000 annually per IT Shifting. The job market is strong, especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Cost of living is reasonable outside expensive city centers. The 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa enables 2-4 years of working. Australia awards points for IT skills and English fluency for permanent migration. The country boasts over 900,000 tech workers across sectors like fintech, software and cybersecurity.


This Asian city-state hub lures tech professionals with high salaries averaging S$120,000 as noted by ValueChampion, although living costs are also steep. The country uses English broadly and has advanced infrastructure. Tech giants like Lazada, Grab and Shopee are based here alongside startups. The Tech Pass allows easy short-term employment access for eligible applicants.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia invests heavily to diversify its economy beyond oil, creating IT openings as it develops sectors like tourism, infrastructure and services. Expatriate packages offer tax-free salaries approaching $64,000 as per Low living costs stretch earnings further, and cultural reforms aim to modernize society. Initiatives like Neom City require technical skills.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE provides a thriving job market and expat-friendly environment. Large global companies have offices in Dubai, and local airlines like Emirates recruit technical talent. Salaries for IT positions range from AED 120,000 to AED 300,000 tax-free, according to GulfTalent. Low cost of living and amenities like healthcare help compensate for hot climate.


Brazil’s $1.9 trillion GDP powers demand for IT expertise across agriculture, manufacturing, financial services and other key sectors. According to Payscale, software engineers earn average salaries around R$149,736 BRL. With costs half of America’s, earnings stretch further. Options exist for temporary contracts and immigration. Major hubs like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro attract tech activity.

Due to ancient ties with Africa, as a result of historical events of forceful migration, Brazil spots some religious and cultural appropriation that’s similar to some African cultures, especially West African. This could be something to explore while in the South American country.


France pays skilled IT experts well, with average salaries around €49,775 as noted by Expatistan – far higher than average French earnings. Living costs are lower than the UK. Paris offers rich culture, dining and history alongside tech jobs. Legal protections like 35-hour work weeks and substantial vacation time improve work-life balance. The French Tech Visa provides simplified tech worker residency.

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Qualified Nigerian tech professionals have several japa opportunities spanning the globe. While the major hurdles, including immigration and financial, must be cleared, those who obtain work authorizations can access thriving tech ecosystems worldwide and carve out rewarding careers.

When you finally achieve your goal of relocating to a “saner cline,” remember to be focused and not loose guard. Greener pastures should not make you forget how you left your home and people. Also, if you can’t improve the image of your home country abroad, try not to soil the small image we’re managing.

Good luck in your quest.

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