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X Now Allows Twitter Blue subscribers to hide their Blue check Mark: How It Works

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In an interesting development, microblogging site X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature that allows Twitter blue subscribers to hide their blue check marks. This move comes after Twitter’s recent removal of blue ticks from verified accounts, making the coveted blue badge available exclusively to paying subscribers. Let’s delve into how this new feature works and its implications for users on the platform.

Hiding the Blue Check Mark – A New X Feature

The introduction of the “Hide your checkmark” feature is a noteworthy addition to X’s subscription service, Twitter Blue. As per the Help page of the platform, subscribers now have the option to hide their blue verification badges from their profiles and posts. Although the check mark may still appear in some places, certain features will reveal that the account has an active subscription. Additionally, some functionalities may be restricted while the checkmark is hidden. X is committed to refining this feature to optimize the user experience.

Enabling the Feature

As per a Mashable report, for subscribers to Twitter Blue, the option to hide the blue checkmark can be found on the “Profile customization” page in Account Settings. This feature provides greater control to users over how their account is perceived by others on the platform.

The Evolution of Blue Verification Badges

Twitter introduced the blue check mark system back in 2009 to help users identify authentic accounts of celebrities, politicians, brands, and other entities of public interest. However, until recently, the verification badge was freely available, and users did not have to pay to obtain it. The decision to offer the blue badge as part of a paid subscription service has sparked discussions and debates among users and experts in the social media sphere.

The Transformation of X

On July 24, X made a significant logo change, replacing its iconic bird logo with the letter “X.” Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla, shared that X’s monthly user count had hit a “new high” following certain organizational changes. He posted a graph of user statistics that indicated the most recent count to be above 540 million. This transformation suggests that the platform may undergo further logo changes in the future.

The Future of X and Twitter

Musk’s reference to the current logo design as “interim” indicates that X may continue to evolve its branding. Furthermore, there are speculations that X might eventually bid farewell to the Twitter brand and phase out its bird-related imagery.


X’s introduction of  the ability for subscribers to hide their blue check marks represent significant shifts in the platform’s approach to verification and user experience. As X continues to innovate and refine its features, users can expect further changes and enhancements to shape their social media interactions. The evolution of X’s branding and features under Elon Musk’s leadership promises an exciting future for the platform, catering to users’ evolving needs and preferences in the digital landscape.

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