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Elon Musk’s Social Media Platform “X” Officially Appears on App Store, Overcoming Obstacles

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Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur, and CEO of various groundbreaking companies, has been making headlines yet again, but this time for his social media platform’s name change. The platform, formerly known as “Twitter,” has officially been christened “X” on the App Store. Despite Apple’s requirement for app names to be at least two characters long, Musk’s platform has successfully undergone the name change, causing some buzz and intrigue among users and industry observers. Let’s delve into the details of this unique development and the challenges Musk’s company faced during the rebranding process.

The App Store’s “X” Revelation

Earlier this month, Elon Musk announced the name change for his social media platform from “Twitter” to simply “X.” Ever since the revelation, the company has been on a mission to erase all remnants of its former name and blue bird icon from both physical and virtual spaces. However, changing the app’s name on the App Store initially seemed to be a hurdle as Apple’s guidelines require app names to be between two and 30 characters. Yet, to the surprise of many, the app’s name now appears as “X” on the App Store, indicating that the company successfully navigated the obstacles and received Apple’s approval.

The name change to “X” finally taking effect on the App Store was previously reported by The Verge.

The Mysteries Behind the Name Change:

While the name change to “X” has officially taken effect on the App Store, the exact process and discussions behind the scenes remain shrouded in mystery. It’s unclear how Musk and his team convinced Apple to approve the one-character name, and whether any special requests or negotiations were involved. As of now, representatives for Apple have remained tight-lipped about the matter, declining to comment on the name change. Additionally, inquiries sent to Twitter’s press address have yet to yield any response. Nonetheless, the move has undoubtedly left users curious about the reasons behind the change and the implications for the future of the platform.

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Transitioning in Physical Spaces:

Musk’s efforts to transition the name change in physical spaces have not been without commotion. A recent attempt to remove Twitter’s sign from its San Francisco office building caused a brief police presence and temporarily halted the work. While no crime was committed, the incident highlights the attention and scrutiny surrounding the rebranding process. Moreover, placing a giant “X” symbol on the company’s headquarters building also attracted attention from San Francisco’s administrative officials.

Blazing Glory with “X”

Alongside the name change, the platform also introduced a new tagline, “Blaze your glory!” – a phrase Musk had tweeted earlier. The tagline’s meaning and its connection to the new “X” identity remain open to interpretation, sparking further interest in the reimagined platform’s direction.

The company’s placement of a giant “X” symbol on its headquarters building has also drawn scrutiny from San Francisco’s administrative officials, the Associated Press reported.

The illuminated X logo sign beaming out from the roof of Twitter’s offices in San Francisco. Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters


It’s not clear how the name change went into effect on the App Store, and whether Musk and Co. had to make a request for Apple to approve it. Representatives for Apple did not respond to Insider’s inquiry on Monday morning, and an inquiry sent to Twitter’s press address received the auto-reply, “We’ll get back to you soon.”

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