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Cybersecurity Teleskope Raises $2.2M In Pre-Seed Funding

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Teleskope, a cybersecurity startup based in New York, recently secured $2.2 million in Pre-Seed funding, with Lerer Hippeau leading the investment round. The company plans to utilize this funding to expand its operations and enhance its business reach.

Founded in 2022 by Elizabeth Nammour and Julie Trias, Teleskope aims to empower organizations by providing them with advanced tools to achieve data security, privacy, and compliance through automation. The company’s primary focus is to alleviate the manual and operational burdens faced by security teams. Teleskope accomplishes this by leveraging large language models that are continually fine-tuned and optimized for speed and cost efficiency.

Teleskope’s core technology revolves around the identification of data subjects associated with specific sets of data. This means it can discern whether the data pertains to a customer, an employee, or differentiate between various customer types, such as doctors and patients. By utilizing its innovative approach, Teleskope can rapidly monitor cloud data stores and third-party vendors, providing organizations with a comprehensive inventory of their assets, including any hidden elements. Furthermore, it can identify potential security and compliance risks associated with these assets.

The advanced classification engine employed by Teleskope combines the power of a large language model with a rules engine, allowing it to adapt to the unique characteristics of each data store it analyzes. By doing so, it can accurately identify sensitive data and provide contextual information about the individuals to whom the data relates. This level of customization ensures that Teleskope’s AI model learns and improves its accuracy with each customer implementation.

The versatility of Teleskope’s platform is evident in its ability to support both structured and unstructured data stores across popular cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Snowflake. Additionally, it can seamlessly integrate with third-party SaaS providers. The platform’s extensive capabilities enable it to identify over 100 different data types, including personal, payment, healthcare, and other forms of sensitive data. This comprehensive coverage ensures that organizations can effectively manage and safeguard their valuable information assets across various data repositories.

By automating the data security and compliance processes, Teleskope helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with data breaches and regulatory non-compliance. The speed and accuracy provided by its technology significantly reduce the likelihood of human error and allow security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

With the recent injection of $2.2 million in funding, Teleskope is well-positioned to accelerate its growth and expand its market presence. The company’s unique approach to data security, privacy, and compliance automation, coupled with its ability to adapt to individual customer implementations, sets it apart in the cybersecurity landscape.

As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of robust data protection and compliance measures, Teleskope’s innovative solutions offer a compelling value proposition. By streamlining and enhancing data security processes, Teleskope is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of cybersecurity and enabling organizations to safeguard their digital assets effectively.

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