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Seattle Based Groopit Raises $3.5M In Seed Funding

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Groopit is a leading provider of crowdsolving software, revolutionizing the way people collaborate to solve problems. By utilizing Groopit, front-line employees can share real-time data, shedding light on issues and enabling faster, better decision-making.

Guidant Financial, a company dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences to over 25,000 small businesses, faced challenges in identifying areas for improvement through conventional methods such as surveys, spreadsheets, and Salesforce notes. These approaches proved to be slow, tedious, and imprecise. However, when Guidant discovered Groopit, the process transformed. Now, whenever a customer encounters confusion or frustration, customer-facing employees can quickly capture the reason, frustration level, and time cost with a few taps. Groopit provides an accurate, quantitative, and real-time overview of how customer experiences can be enhanced. Guidant seamlessly integrates this data into their daily operations, empowering their SCRUM, training, and policy teams with real-time information to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Jeremy Ames, President and Co-founder of Guidant Financial, expressed the significance of having high-quality customer insights, stating, “Groopit helps our employees capture the voice of the customer after every interaction and gives our leadership team the agility to inform any decision with insights from our employees.”

Effective decision-making and problem-solving in businesses rely on data from frontline employees. However, traditional methods of data sharing are time-consuming and inefficient. Groopit addresses this issue by streamlining data sharing into a single workflow, allowing front-line employees to share data effortlessly with just three taps. Furthermore, Groopit seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Salesforce, providing leaders with real-time insights into their extended teams’ activities.

Anthony Bontranger, Managing Director at WestRiver Group, emphasized the importance of real-time collaboration and data sharing, saying, “Nobody has a monopoly on knowledge. The ability to share data and collaborate in real-time is a critical competitive advantage for leaders. Groopit leverages the wisdom of the crowd – where the crowd is most active in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, or on their mobile devices – to capture and deliver actionable insights and empower everyone to make better, faster, more customer-centric decisions. Groopit is well positioned to disrupt the $30B Collaboration Software market with its unique approach to crowdsolving.”

Groopit empowers innovative leaders to obtain and effectively utilize insights from their employees. By doing so, they gain a competitive advantage, improve customer experiences, accelerate revenue growth, and tackle strategic initiatives. Tammy Savage, CEO and Co-founder of Groopit, highlighted the ability of Groopit to simplify complex problem-solving, stating, “Solving complex problems is possible with the radical simplicity of Groopit. The solution is different from any other, replacing the pain of ad-hoc data chaos with the power of crowdsolving.”

Founded in 2018 by Tammy Savage and John Vert, Groopit emerged from Savage’s passion to understand the needs of leaders striving to achieve accelerated business results, particularly when leading large, distributed, and cross-functional teams. Groopit was born out of this drive for improved collaboration and problem-solving.

In summary, Groopit is revolutionizing the way people collaborate and solve problems through its crowdsolving software. By enabling real-time data sharing and streamlining workflows, Groopit empowers businesses to make informed decisions and continuously improve customer experiences. With its unique approach, Groopit has the potential to disrupt the collaboration software market, providing organizations with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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