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Instagram Plans to Launch Text-Based App to Compete with Twitter

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Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, is reportedly preparing to enter the text-based app market to rival Twitter. According to Bloomberg News, the new app may be unveiled as early as June, as confirmed by sources familiar with the matter.

According to the report, The Facebook parent company is currently testing the product with influencers and selected creators, indicating its intention to leverage their feedback and insights before a wider release. However, Meta Platforms has not provided an official response to requests for comment from Reuters at this time.

Alex Heath, in a newsletter, mentioned that Meta has been reaching out to talent agencies and celebrities to gauge their interest in testing an early version of the app. This text-based app, built on the foundation of Instagram, is expected to integrate with the popular photo-sharing platform. Additionally, it is said to be compatible with other applications like Mastodon, as per a newsletter from Lia Haberman, a social and influencer marketing educator at UCLA in California.

Sources also suggest that Meta has discreetly made the new app available to selected creators for several months, signaling the company’s dedication to refining and enhancing the user experience. While the app will be separate from Instagram, it will allow users to connect their accounts seamlessly.

According to a screenshot shared by Lia Haberman, the upcoming app will offer various communication options, including text messages, shared links, photos, and videos. Additionally, fans will have the convenience of easily following the accounts of their favorite influencers and creators on Instagram with just a single tap.

Here is the summary of what we know about the new app according to Lia Haberman.

1️⃣ The new decentralized app, built upon the foundation of Instagram, offers compatibility with various other apps, including Mastodon. 

  • Users can conveniently sign in using their Instagram username and password, allowing for seamless synchronization with their existing followers. 
  • Essential details such as their handle, bio, and verification status will carry over from Instagram to the new app. This means that users on other apps can search for, follow, and engage with their profile and content.

2️⃣ The app features a centralized feed that showcases content from followers and provides recommendations. 

  • Users can post text updates of up to 500 characters, encouraging concise and focused communication. 
  • Additionally, they can attach links, photos, and videos with a duration of up to 5 minutes. 
  • Engaging with the community is made easy through likes, replies, and reposts.

3️⃣ To ensure creator control and account safety, the app offers a range of features. 

  • Users have the ability to manage replies and mentions, as well as block or report spam accounts effortlessly. 
  • Blocked accounts from Instagram will also be carried over to the new app, providing continuity in account protection. 
  • Moreover, any hidden words selected on Instagram will remain hidden on the new app. 
  • Enhanced security measures, such as 2-factor authentication, will be implemented. 
  • The same community guidelines that govern Instagram will also be enforced within the new app, fostering a safe and respectful online environment.

Instagram’s foray into the text-based app market demonstrates Meta Platforms’ ambition to expand its offerings and compete with established social media platforms. By capitalizing on the popularity of Instagram and leveraging the input of influencers and creators, the company aims to provide users with a seamless and engaging text-based communication experience.

While specific details and an official announcement from Instagram are yet to be released, the arrival of this new app presents an exciting development in the realm of social media. 

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