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A Chinese tech company is developing a ChatGPT lookalike

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The rise of AI models like ChatGPT has spiralled the tech world into a frenzy. This has led to several companies and organizations trying to create their own artificial intelligence and language models, especially so that they don’t get left out with the trending technology. While many companies are building their models from scratch, some companies have been subjecting their models to functions of other established AI models through API injections.

In a move that proves the race towards AI dominance in the tech world is not quite over yet, Chinese company, Tencent, has started moves to create a chatbot that works like ChatGPT.

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that Tencent Holdings, the Chinese internet conglomerate, has formed a team to develop a chatbot that works similarly to ChatGPT. ChatGPT’s impressive ability to generate coherent blocks of text instantaneously has led to a worldwide frenzy of interest in the generative AI technology that underpins it.

While Microsoft’s OpenAI doesn’t permit Chinese users to create accounts and access ChatGPT, the AI models that power the programme are relatively easy to access and are being increasingly integrated into various Chinese consumer technology applications. Other major players in the industry, such as Alibaba Group and Baidu Inc., have also announced their own upcoming offerings.

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Tencent’s product, which is billed to be named “HunyuanAide,” will reportedly feature the company’s Hunyuan AI training model. Sources close to the project confirmed that Hunyuan AI achieved a record-high score on the Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation (CLUE) test in November, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

When asked for comments on the matter, Tencent referred to a statement made on February 9th, which stated that it is researching ChatGPT-tool technology. The news arrives in the wake of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology’s announcement that it sees the potential for ChatGPT-like technology and will be pushing for the integration of artificial intelligence into the country’s economy and society.

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