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New York Based TipLink Raises $6M In Seed Funding Round

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Founded by Ian Krotinsky, TipLink offers a platform for sending and receiving digital assets, allowing users to deposit and send any form of digital assets, such as NFTs, stablecoins, and Solana, to anyone, regardless of whether they already have a crypto wallet. Additionally, TipLink can function as a lightweight, non-custodial wallet that operates within a browser.

TipLink, a digital asset platform based in New York has recently secured $6 million in Seed funding in a round led by Multicoin Capital and Sequoia Capital. Other investors include Asymmetric, Big Brain Ventures, Circle Ventures, Karatage, Monke Ventures, Paxos, Solana Ventures, Vinny Lingham, Liu Jang, and Sarah Guo.

The company plans to use the funds to enhance the link wallet functionality, improve the API, and expand engineering and business development capabilities to support a growing list of partnerships.

TipLink is also launching its API to enable developers and companies to generate and deposit any number of assets into a variety of TipLinks, which can then be shared and embedded in emails, texts, messaging apps, QR codes, and other digital communication channels. The TipLinks are entirely channel-agnostic, making them highly adaptable across the internet.

The TipLink API
With our API, developers can create TipLinks free of charge and include any asset they desire. This feature enables the creation of automated processes for distributing digital assets and integrating link creation/sending directly into applications. TipLink has the potential to be as transformative for crypto companies as Stripe was for billion-dollar e-commerce businesses. The pioneers who explore new use cases for TipLink in areas such as IRL, social media, marketing, and payments will reap the rewards of early adoption. To demonstrate the simplicity of creating TipLinks with our API, here is a quick example:

import { Tiplink } from '@tiplink/api';

Tiplink.create().then(tiplink => {
console.log("link: ", tiplink.url.toString());
console.log("publicKey: ", tiplink.keypair.publicKey.toBase58());
return tiplink;

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