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Google Announces Six New Features On Search On

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To a layman, Google means “answers” we all run to Google to find answers to our many questions, source for information on varying subjects, and do even much more.

Google Search On
For over two decades, Google search has organized the world’s information making it universally accessible and useful. Started with text search, but over time have developed more natural and intuitive ways that allow users to get information, easily and in the shortest possible time. In recent times, users can now search for what they see with their camera, or ask a question aloud using their voices.

At Search On today, the advancements in artificial intelligence have enabled Google search to transform information products going far beyond the search box to create search experiences that work more like our minds, and that are as multidimensional as we are as people.

Google recently announced six features in developments of Search on.

Multisearch Is Expanding
Google introduced multisearch, a breakthrough in how people search for information. Before the multisearch feature people use Lens to answer more than 8 billion questions, using their camera or an image. However, with multisearch, one can take a picture or screenshot an image, add text to it and search. This is similar to the way one might naturally point at something and ask a question about it. Multisearch is available in English globally and will be made available in 70 languages in the next few months.

Multisearch Near Me
“Multisearch near me” was previewed during Google I/O earlier this year. This feature supercharges multisearch capability, allowing a user to take a screenshot or a photo of an item and then find it nearby. For instance, if you search for your favorite local dish in your current location just by using an image or a screenshot of it; Google will then connect you with nearby restaurants serving it. Multisearch near me will start rolling out in the U.S.A later in the year.

Translation In The Blink of An Eye
With the major advancements in machine learning, Google is now able to blend translated text into complex images, so it looks and feels much more natural. The amazing aspect of this feature is its ability to break down language barriers. With Lens, Google has gone beyond translating text to translating pictures. For example, if you point your phone at a text on a poster, the translated text will be realistically overlaid over the pictures underneath.

With this feature, Google is translating over 1 billion texts per month into more than 100 languages.
Google has optimized its machine learning models such that it can do all these in just 100 milliseconds — shorter than the blink of an eye. This feature uses generative adversarial networks (also known as GAN models), which help power the technology behind the Magic Eraser on Pixel. Google has announced that the improved experience is launching later this year.

Google For iOS Updates
Google is putting some of its most helpful tools right at your fingertips on iOS. From now on, you’ll see shortcuts right under the search bar to shop your screenshots, translate the text with your camera, hum to search, and more.

Faster Ways To find What You Are Looking For
Google is working to make it possible for users to ask questions with fewer words or no words at all and still get help in getting what they are looking for. In the coming months, when you begin to type a question, Google will start providing relevant content right away, before you have even finished typing. And for those who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for until they see it, Google will help you to specify your question. So if you’re looking for a holiday destination in Nigeria, Google will provide keyword or topic options like “beautiful cities in Nigeria” so you can find results that are most relevant to you.

New Ways To Explore Information
Google is intentionally improving the way it displays Search results to better reflect the ways people explore topics. So you will start to see the most relevant content, from a variety of sources, in formats be it as texts, images, or videos. So if you’re searching for topics like cities, you may see visual stories and short videos from people who have visited, tips on how to explore the city, things to do, how to get there, and other important aspects you might want to know before you embark on your travels. These new updates will be made available in the coming months

What more can we ask for if we can have all these features up and running to meet our endless curiosities?

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