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India’s Fragrance Company Nirmalaya Raises $800,000 In Seed Funding

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If you have not been to India, movies and documentaries must provide you with some insight into the beauty of India’s culture and agelong civilization.

Ringing bells, incredible fragrances wafting out of the windows, and generous offerings to gods are some of the common practices in India. Incense burning is one of such daily practices you will most likely notice in many Indian homes and temples. However, due to the indiscriminate burning of incense, most Indians grew up breathing the smoke of black incense which has become the most overlooked cause of cancer in India.
To mitigate the health implications due to unhealthy exposure to incense burning in India, Nirmalaya was birth.

Founded in 2020 by Bharat Bansal, Surbhi Bansal, and Rajeev Bansal, Nirmalaya is a D2C brand that offers natural incense and soulful fragrance products. They manufacture and distribute a range of chemical-free, low-carbon, and eco-friendly incense and perfumes after processing floral waste collected from over 300 temples in the NCR region.

Nirmalaya’s story began with an account of Rajeev when he noticed that the flowers offered at the Shirdi temple in Maharashtra were being recycled into incense.

A few months into researching how flowers and other waste from temple offerings can be healthily recycled. we all teamed up and founded Nirmalaya and replicated the same model in Delhi.

Today, our factory spans around 3000 yards in Dham Complex, Delhi, we got our patents from the council of Scientific and Industrial Research after developing our own recycling process. We have so far trained and empowered over 100 female employees from low-income households by employing them in segregating and processing flower waste with highly scalable semi-automatic machines

Nirmalaya, recently raised $800,000 in a Seed funding round, led by Artha Venture Fund along with key investors including Huddle Accelerator, The DotIn Network, Shiprocket, Flawless Company Family office and other marquee angels.

“At Nirmalaya, we want to disrupt the way traditional fragrances get consumed. Our first step will be to expand our presence to the US and Middle East Asia regions by introducing unique and chemical-free fragrance products, including reed diffusers, and car and room fresheners, in these markets by March’23. This geographic and product expansion will be at the core of our strategy, helping make Nirmalaya a mainstream brand known for its pure, carbon-free, and long-lasting fragrances. Ultimately, we want the leadership position in the Indian and global incense market, and export our products to over 40 countries within the next 18 months,” said Bharat Bansal, co-founder and CEO, of Nirmalaya.

Nirmalaya says it targets to reach the revenue milestone of $3.50 million in the next 16 to 18 months period.

Committed to creating a space full of fragrance where these incenses are kind to your senses and leave a feeling of purity in your home. Nirmalaya is on a mission of ridding India of religious waste and chemical-laden products. Our women workforce handpick flowers and use time-tested methods to craft incense that’s good for you, and good for the earth.

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