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Is Google Sceptical About Crypto Payments?

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Cryptocurrency like I would say is not only a digital currency that will outlive the traditional but a currency of the future on which most emerging and innovative technologies will greatly depend especially in the digital space.

New technological-driven firms are adopting and integrating cryptocurrencies as a payment option, whereas some technological landlords are still weighing the pros and recounting the cons it might engender.

To a layman, Google is everything; a search engine, a business influencer, a gateway and much more. Google was founded on September 4,1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin then PhD students at Stanford University in California. Beyond being just a search engine as popularly known. Google 2015 made its way into the financial service business with the launch of G-Pay. G-pay is currently serving in 42 countries. Google didn’t make much headway in the Indian payments sector, it did not garner much traction elsewhere.

Google’s Stance On Crypto Payment
The move to set a new course for the company began in January when Google hired a Paypal executive, Arnold Goldberg, to head the payments division. According to Bill Ready Google’s Commerce President, the plan was to include a broader range of financial services, which will include crypto payments. He said that Google plans to provide connectivity to the entire finance industry.

“Our aim is to create connections. We’re not a conflicted party.”

Ready was Paypal’s former Chief Operating Officer (COO) before he joined Google in 2019. He is also responsible for hiring Goldberg, who was in charge of Paypal’s merchant business.

“Crypto is something we pay a lot of attention to. As user demand and merchant demand evolve, we’ll evolve with it,” said Ready

Remember Google partnered with Coinbase and Bitpay make crypto assets come in digital cards. However, this still requires users to pay in fiat. Ready revealed that Google is open to more such partnerships.

“Crypto is something we pay a lot of attention to. As user demand and merchant demand evolve, we’ll evolve with it,” he said.

Even though Google remains one of the world’s biggest and most successful companies with a market cap of $1.5 trillion and prospering in many countries. Unsurprisingly, the company would not take uncalculated risks.

There is no telling when Google will offer crypto trading or integrate crypto payment facilities on its platform. It is safe to say that they are already looking into it.

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