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How To Use Google Assistant To Read And Send A WhatsApp Message.

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You will agree with me that technology has improved our lives in ways we never thought possible. Everything in our now world is either fully or partly automated or made somewhat seamless with technology. Prior to this age of smartphones and smart devices, performing common tasks like sending and receiving emails, downloading and uploading media files required one to go to a cyber cafeteria to get it done. Now, with an internet-enabled smartphone and data connection, one can do much more even to the extent of issuing just a command and having a task done without lifting a finger; isn’t that beautiful?

Google assistant

Developed in 2016, Google assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant software developed by Google. This software was designed to assist users to search the internet seamlessly, schedule alarms and events without touching a button, adjust hardware settings on a user’s device at will. It also shows information from a user’s Google account. This amazing software is enabled to identify objects and interpret visual information through a device camera. With the use of the natural voice or keyboard input, users can interact with the Google Assistant at any time. What can beat that?

How to Enable Google Assistant To Read Your Whatsapp Messages.

Don’t you think it will be very interesting and relieving to use Google Assistant to read your Whatsapp messages while you attend to something else? To get that done, let’s check out these easy steps.

1. First, you must have a personal Google Account signed into your device before setting up the service. To set up Google Assistant on your Android device if you haven’t before, gently touch and hold the Home button of your device for a few seconds to activate the feature; synchronize your natural voice by saying “Hey Google” as many times as required, save and close the configuration.

2. To make Google Assistant perform a desired task, you will have to say the command “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” or by holding the home button then saying what you want it to do. For example, to have it read or send WhatsApp messages, after saying the command or holding the home button, you can say “Read my Whatsapp messages” or “send a Whatsapp message to….” and the artificial intelligence software will do just that in a snap.

N/B: Google Assistant requires an active internet connection to respond properly and yield desired results.

This software can run on IOS and ipadOS devices. It also works in smart cars, Android TV, Smart speakers, Chrome OS, wear OS, Ubuntu, smart displays, Google Allo and lots more.
Beyond reading or sending messages, Google Assistant can do loads, just say a command and watch it do whatsoever you say. Check it out and comment on your experiences below.

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