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Do You Know Magnets Can Erase Data Stored On Your Hard Drive?

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As a child, I had a handful of experiences with magnets that I learnt magnetism before Physics taught me what it meant. To get magnets then, I had to look for old spoilt radio players and detach magnets from their speakers just play with them. I remember breaking a magnet into two but found it impossible to get it back again – why? Because the same sides of a magnet rather repelled. All attempts to make them join again proved abortive, rather one half appears to be chasing the other as I tried to bring them together.

As kids, whenever anything metallic like pins, coins even nails go missing within the house, we will deploy the super “metal finder” the magnet to detect and pick them. That was house useful magnets were to our little minds.

Growing up and getting to understand how magnets work and how powerful they are in our electro-magnetic space- as an aid in the production of electricity and storage of data I had a better appreciation for them. Just as it is important to store data, it is likewise important we ensure data preservation which we have handled by the manufacturing of storage devices. The Hard Drive is an electro-mechanical storage device in personal computers which stores/retrieve data using electro-magnetic storage of one or more rigid rapidly rotating platters coated with magnetic material.
There are growing concerns about the safety of data stored on Hard Drives. Are magnets capable of erasing data stored on them when placed in direct contact? Yes! a magnet is said to be capable of erasing data stored on a Hard Drive but only a powerful magnet can do that and not the ones we see in our household electronics.

Simple Steps To Erase Data On A Hard Drive Using A Magnet.

1. Remove Hard Drive from the computer by unscrewing it from the hard drive plate and disconnecting the cords or wires that attached it to the rest of the computer.

2. Get a very powerful magnet capable of erasing a Hard Drive because a normal magnet can’t do that.

3. Place the magnet on either side of the Hard Drive. Allow the magnet to sit on the drive for about two to three minutes.

4. As it sits on the Hard Drive, move the magnet back and forth on the surface of the Hard Drive for about a minute to touch all parts.

5. Turn to the other side of the Hard Drive and repeat step four.

6. After rubbing or moving the powerful magnet over the surface of the Hard Drive, your data should be destroyed at this point.

It is important to know that this is only a procedure undergoing a series of tests, so does not guarantee a 100% chance of success. If you can please give it a try and comment on your experiences.

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