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1app Business is live and it’s set to solve your payment problems

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1app Business went live yesterday, and the whole team was excited; I would know, I was there. From last-minute testing to the official announcement on the company’s LinkedIn page, Medium page and social media handle, to Professor Ndubuisi Ekwekwe’s announcement, 2021 seems to be ending on a good note for the team.

What’s the frenzy about?

1app has been known by its thousands of users to be a reliable and secure bill payment platform. Its aim is to be users’ one stop to make all types of payment. This new feature, 1app Business, is a payment aggregator that gives users access to all available payment gateways without the need to integrate any of them individually.

1app Business saves business owners the resources and time spent on deciding what method or gateway to implement or creating accounts on multiple gateways for the fear of downtime. Once a business is registered on 1app Business, it gets access to all available options giving the customers also have a choice to select what method or gateway they are most comfortable with.

1app Business is live!

What makes 1app Business unique?

Just like the Professor mentioned in his LinkedIn announcement ‘when supply is high, aggregators bring order’. 1app Business is the first of its kind. Apart from access to all payment gateways and methods, the product gives you the following:

A unique business payment page: Your business gets a unique link and a QR code that can be shared with your customers. 

An online store: You can create unique pages for each of your products. Since 1app has a lot of users, this serves as a free marketing strategy for your services, and in turn, multiply your sales.

Business Team setup: You can add your team members – accountants, marketers and developers, to your business account. Your team members will have access to the dashboard and which of 1app features you want them to work with.

Accountability: You get a graphical representation of all your incoming and outgoing payments; alongside a list of all customers’ successful, confirmed, pending and failed transactions from your customers – this means you know which customer tried to pay but didn’t finish the process. Your customers can raise disputes and you can reply to them directly. You can also download these transaction details as CSV files.

Developer Features: While anyone, regardless of their knowledge in tech, can set up a free 1app Business account, tech-inclined people, web developers, or businesses that have a website and would want to accept payment on them can make use of the 1app businesses developer options. Once registered on 1app Business you get an API key that gives you access to 1app’s software and APIs. In case you use a WordPress website, you can also install its WordPress plugin.

Test Environment: 1app Business also provides you with a test environment to enable you to test out payment processes and see how things work. To start accepting payment, you need to switch to live mode and verify account details.

How to get started?

Visit to register for free. You can send feedback to the team via email at 1app is giving users a safe, reliable and accountable method to accept payments with ease and without a website or an integration. It allows you to get paid online easily, manage your finances right on your laptop or phone app, and increase your sales in the process.

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