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1app sets to Launch a Better Way to Accept Payments

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One of the greatest booms in Nigerian financial services is the advent of Fintech solutions. We cannot undervalue how these financial solutions have saved us time, resources and money. Payment gateway, transfers, bill payments make up a part of these diverse services. Consequently, the mostly-decentralized fintech ecosystem provides only one or two of these services at the same time. As a result, to consume various fintech services, a user has to install more than one application.

Buying airtime and data, as well as paying utility bills, are an integral part of our daily lives, and 1app puts all these and more into a simple app for users at the cheapest possible prices. Literally, it is one application for all types of payment.

what you can do with 1app

What is 1app?

1app was not always 1app. The idea was conceived and launched as MyVTU in May 2019 as a simple app for data and airtime purchases. About three months later, cable tv and electricity purchase services got added to its list of products. In November 2019, MyVTU got rebranded to 1app to consist of even more services like loans, investment, JAMB and WAEC electronic pin purchases.

One thing to note is the progressive nature of the application. From time to time, 1app gets a new feature that will solve at least one more payment problem for the user. As said by the CEO of Oneapp Creatives, Opeyemi Paul, “The mission of 1app is to be the one-stop application for any type of payment.” As of October 2021, with over 91,000 active users and 471 million Naira worth of transactions, its users trust 1app to be a reliable and fast platform for seamless and cheap services and payments.

trusted by 90k users
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The next stage

Still, on its mission to make receiving and making payments easier, 1app is expanding to provide a business to business feature for its users and business owners. The 1app team conducted a survey and discovered that a number of small business owners receive payments directly into their bank accounts. While it might seem convenient, most businesses run at a loss because of fake alerts and the inability to figure out who and what sent how much.

Medium business owners, mostly rely on payment gateways to receive payments. This is, indeed, smarter. But as much as they are safer, payment gateways experience downtimes from time to time which results in drop-off rates for businesses. Some businesses registered that they lose customers within such a timeframe. To avoid such, they open accounts in more than one payment gateway.

While this is a temporary fix, it still doesn’t take care of:

  • the time it takes to know if a system is down,
  • the time it takes to get it across to clients to use the alternative link,
  • the stress it takes to create and manage multiple accounts on different platforms that should do the same thing, or
  • the stress of balancing account sheets at the end of the year.

1app Business – the payment gateway aggregator

1app’s new B2B feature, 1app Business, solves this problem. 1app Business is an integrated platform that provides businesses with a convenient platform to receive payments from customers. It aggregates all payment systems into one to provide your business with a reliable payment system. 

Instead of opening multiple accounts or dealing with direct payment into a bank account, you can register for free on 1app Business. One registration gives you access to all available payment gateways. This gives your clients the flexibility to use any payment option they are most comfortable with. That way, when one gateway is down, clients can simply use another one instead of not making the payment at all. The best part is, you get an easy-to-use, highly customizable platform and unique payment link for your business, along with 1app’s top-notch customer service. You can also upgrade an existing 1app account to a business account totally free. As a Developer, you also get access to all 1app’s software and APIs to integrate with your own application.

“Marketing your products is hard enough, receiving payments shouldn’t be.” Opeyemi Paul stated, “With 1app Business, business owners can focus on delivering values, while we deal with how they get paid.”

Opeyemi and his team foresee a future where users don’t have to create accounts on multiple platforms. Instead, they will use 1app to pay for everything. 

“The ultimate goal,” he concluded, “is to solve everyday payment problems one at a time. 1app will be a solution that will provide everyday payment services – an essential application in everyone’s life.”

This highlights that 1app Business is another step in achieving the team’s mission, leaving plenty more room for innovation. 1app is unique, the first of its kind, secure and readily available for anyone anywhere. Its designs are great and simple that anyone can effortlessly start accepting payments in three minutes. I dare say, 1app Business is a long-overdue solution.

Visit to try out 1app Business. As a new product in its pilot phase, the team will appreciate the feedback. You can reach out to them at [email protected] if you have any questions or issues.

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