Twitter Spaces Expands Testing Program; Rolls Out App For Android


In a move aimed at taking the testing of its Clubhouse-style audio chat rooms feature to a wider audience, Twitter Spaces has finally commenced rolling out for Android users around the globe.

Android users will now be able to run the app, join, and talk in spaces, but, they will not be able to host spaces. The limit on hosting is still a work in progress, and would be lifted soon, according to the company.

Last December, Twitter Spaces announced the feature that lets users create public and private audio chat rooms, however, the testing phase had been limited to only iOS.

The testing of the app, according to Twitter Spaces, is now being expanded to include Android users.

The Android rollout of Twitter Spaces suggests that the new audio chat room feature could soon get a wider rollout.

We’re expanding to give more people a chance to join Spaces and listen in! Rolling out over the next few days, people with Android will now be able to join, listen, and speak in conversations over Spaces,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter first confirmed that it was working on getting the feature to Android users via a tweet in late January.

While announcing the launch, Twitter executives emphasized that their first priority was building out moderation.

The execs added that that is the reason why they are taking a cautious approach to bringing out features like recording conversations.

Twitter executives noted that such feature could find fans among podcasters and monetising Spaces, which could make the feature much more appealing to Twitter influencers.

Last month, Twitter expanded the number of devices allowed into the testing of Twitter Spaces from 1,000 iOS users to 3,000.

While only the beta testers could create public or private audio rooms, any of their followers on iOS could join in to the Spaces that were created, to get a sense of how the feature works.

Twitter also confirms that it is considering bringing Spaces to the Web, as well as giving the app UI changes that could make it easier to use the different features.

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The microblogging site however, added that there is no timeline given at this point. Other features, such as its captions feature are also evolving, to improve accessibility to the platform.

Twitter has been competing with Clubhouse by consistently launching more audio-focused features on its platform. Last month, Twitter rolled out voice DM in India, Brazil, and Japan.

The company had also introduced audio messaging on its platform with voice tweets for iOS users in June. It had said in November that it was working hard to make it available to Android users soon.

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