Crowdyvest Announces Tope Omotolani As New CEO; Onyeka Akumah Steps Down


Nigerian-based fintech platform, Crowdyvest, has announced that it is having a leadership change.

Crowdyvest announced on Tuesday that Onyeka Akumah will officially step down as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the start-up.

The fintech platform also added that Tope Omotolani would assume the office of the CEO, effective immediately.

Tope Omotolani, before her promotion to the CEO position, served as the Managing Director and co-founder of the start-up.

According to a blog post published on Crowdyvest’s official blog, the change in leadership would not affect the management structure of the firm.

Speaking on new development at the start-up, Onyeka Akumah said:

“I have taken this decision to step down as the CEO of Crowdyvest as a result of the new investment in the company which gives it good footing for scale.”

The former CEO further spoke on the new CEO, Tope Omotolani, establishing his faith in her expertise:

Tope is a strong and amazing leader and I see her leading Crowdyvest to become one of the leading wealth management companies in Nigeria within the next 3-5 years. I wish her and the team all the best and will continue to advise them on their journey when needed.”

Mr Onyeka added that he would be moving on to focus on Farmcrowdy and Plentywaka, which he would be leading as the CEO of both companies.

Tope Omotolani – CEO, Crowdyvest

While reacting to the management shuffle that placed her as the CEO, Tope Omotolani establishes that:

It’s an honor and a privilege for me to be able to lead the team to the next level and next chapter of the business. Onyeka founded this company on the ethos of integrity and strong customer satisfaction, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to lead this technology company into it’s next chapter. Our major goal and focus as Crowdyvest, is that we see a lot of people become financially free and we’re able to do this by the products that we create on the platform.”

Crowdyvest, which was founded in 2019 by Onyeka Akumah, was founded with the aim of providing all-in-one financial solutions to individuals and businesses.

The start-up positions itself to help businesses achieve short or long-term goals while facilitating impactful growth in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Crowdyvest also announced that it has secured an investment that would have it exiting the EMFATO Holdings group.

Crowdyvest is expected to also transition from its previous crowdfunding model to become a go-to digital wealth management and savings platform.

Mr Akumah added in his statement about the new investment secured by Crowdyvest. He said:

Today, Crowdyvest is exiting fully from EMFATO Holdings and we are very happy about the new investors led by Tope, and excited to see how Tope will lead this business to new heights. I will now focus more on leading Farmcrowdy and Plentywaka as CEO of both companies into new markets in 2021.”

Coming with the management rejig, is the announcement of Crowdyvest Savings Platform. The start-up highlights that with the newly launched saving platform, it is opening saving option to its 10,000 subscribers.

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