Facebook to Launch AI That Remembers Everything


Facebook has announced that it is working on a research that is meant to help it develop an artificial intelligence that could help pave the way for a significant change in how artificial intelligence works.

The announcement was made on a blog post where Facebook made it known that the AI will be able to:

“accomplish tasks like checking to see whether you locked the front door or retrieving a cell phone that’s ringing in an upstairs bedroom.”

“The AI assistants of the future must learn to plan their route, navigate effectively, look around their physical environment, listen to what’s happening around them, and build memories of the 3D space.” Facebook said.

The company announced that the real-world sound simulator will let researchers train AI systems in virtual three-dimensional spaces with sounds that mimic those that occur indoors.

“These smarter assistants will require new advances in embodied AI, which seeks to teach machines to understand and interact with the complexities of the physical world as people do,” the blog reads.

This engine will enable the AI to better understand indoor spaces by using mapping tools. With this system, the AI will be able to understand specifics about the interior of a building.

For instance, the machine would be able to know how 32 inches TV are in the house, and where a particular cutlery is.

“If you can build these systems, they can help you remember the important parts of your life,” Facebook’s chief technology officer, Mike Schroepfer said.

According to a report by CNN, in order to turn these AI systems into the sort of memory machine Schroepfer envisions, you would have to wear a pair of sensor-laden augmented-reality glasses, which have so far struggled to gain much traction.

“At the end of the day, our hope is that these AR glasses are sort of giving people superpowers,” Mike Schroepfer said.

Google, and other tech companies have tried in the past to build gadgets like glasses that could record and take pictures of user experiences,via the use of camera lenses.

Facebook new technology is aiming not at being able to record images of the things around. The company is aiming at building a gadget that would instead of taking pictures of you wallet, help you track it down, and tell you where it is.

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