Empowering the youth and young students in Lagos State


DSIL is a program facilitated by Lagos State Government through the office of the Special Adviser on Education in Collaboration with Loftyinc Allied Partners Limited.

The aim of the programme is to empower Youths and young students in Lagos Primary and Secondary schools in Lagos with knowledge, skills, and know-how that would enable them to thrive in the technology space in a couple of years’ time and compete in the future Job Market with digital skills such as Infrastructure intelligence Programming Coding After which partnership with recruiting organizations such as Disrupt Recruiting Limited (DRL) will be leveraged on to facilitate job placement in both local and international projects.

some of the skills are

Coding & programming, Infrastructure intelligence, Information Management

The initiative is a three-wheeled solution that confronts the challenges of job scarcity, underskilled labor, and appropriate job placement. LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited is an innovation development company that develops startup teams, manages innovation programs, and facilitates impact projects in West Central Africa. We offer digital skills and ICT training to youths across Africa

Take the advantage of been equipped with tech related skills at tender age.

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